Take away outlet review – First Eat

First Eat – pehle khao – the name truly expresses the innate desire of each one of us to eat and then proceed with our day. And in this age of unhealthy eating, First Eat brings to you the healthiest and the freshest dishes which are tasty as well as light on the stomach. They provide healthy meals throughout the day and at affordable rates too! They like to call themselves as a “healthy meals delivery service” as all of their dishes are fresh and healthy. Apart from the food sector, they are also into awareness activities as well. Their monthly newsletter “The Breakfast Times” comes with every order and is focused on health and wellness articles for mass awareness.

The order arrived on time and the items were neatly packaged. They had given the cutlery and the napkins as well.

Here are the items I savoured:

Veg Club Sandwich : Whole wheat bread club sandwich having cottage cheese slices and green olives in one layer and raw green and red bell peppers alongwith lettuce leaves on the other. The layers were seasoned with salt and pepper and tomato sauce. I felt the sandwich was a bit dry as there were no dips/sauces present. They had used tomato ketchup on one layer though. The bell peppers were crunchy and I wish they were blanched and therefore, could have been softer. The addition of green olives gave a tangy flavour to the whole dish. But overall, the sandwich was healthy and easy for the belly.

Idli sandwich: A very unusual take on Idli and salad. The idlis are thrown in a medley of juliennes of carrots, cabbage and French beans. The addition of mustard seeds and cabbage gives piquancy  and the carrots give the whole ensemble a sweet taste. The vegetables are blanched/boiled and have a soft texture. I would say try it if you want a burst of different flavours.

Veg salad – Heavens Garden: Broccoli, mushrooms, bell peppers in red and green, lettuce leaves, cottage cheese slices and black olives made this up. The seasoning of thyme, rosemary and pepper made it tasty to the core.

Green Day juice – With the composition of pineapple, cucumber and mint, this was an average tasting juice. It was not concentrated and the individual flavours of the ingredients could not be made out. It tasted bland to me.

Summer Nirvana : Composed of watermelon, muskmelon and cucumber, this was fresh and a bit sweet but the blandness was still there.

So what are you guys waiting for? Just order a meal from here and dive into the world of healthy eating.

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