FreshMenu, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi

Yet another startup delivering fresh and healthy dishes. Freshmenu has surely got a host of dishes to entice your taste buds. I recently ordered a few dishes from them. Here are the items I got :

Chicken popcorns : Small fried balls of juicy chicken – these least resembled popcorn as they were not crispy from the outside but we’re nonetheless tasty. The chicken tasted fresh and the dip served with this starter was thick and tasty.

Rainbow Salad : Bell peppers, zucchinis, olives, cherry tomatoes, carrots, shredded chicken and cucumber topped with a sweet and tangy dip made an excellent and light salad. These were spread on a bed of lettuce leaves.

Veg sandwich : I highly recommend their sandwiches which are one of a kind. The buns are extra soft and the cottage cheese patties were grilled well. The patties were soft as well as chewy. Slices of cucumber and tomatoes accompanied the patty and the mayo-mustard sauce was too creamy and tasty. Crushed black pepper added to the taste.

Chicken Dimsums : Hats off to their presentation! The Dimsums were served on a banana leaf. They were served with a tomato dip and a soy dip. The Dimsums were way too scrumptious! They were filled with freshly minced chicken and their skin was thin and soft. The tomato dip was tangy and spicy due to chilli flakes and the soy dip was tangy and pungent.

Lasagna in white sauce : I loved their Lasagna! It had lesser amount of cheese which made it healthier. The sheets were thin and the chopped vegetables were sautéed well. The topping was of red sauce which was light on the stomach. The Lasagna was server with boiled vegetables.

Thai style grilled fish : There were two patties of grilled fish served with potato patties, noodles and vegetable curry. The fish was okay and the patties of potato were fine. The noodles were good and the vegetable curry was way too spicy. The curry had baby corn, broccoli and bell peppers in it. An average ensemble according to me.

Pineapple Frangipani Tart : An amazing dessert to finish off the dinner. There were fresh pineapple slices placed on the tart. The tart had a crispy base and was soft from inside. The dryness of the tart went well with the juiciness of the pineapple slices.

Fresh juice of pineapple, melon, banana and lime : Fresh, citrusy and light on the stomach.

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