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A friend’s love story – Arranged love

Spring is here,

the baby leaves tell me,

Towards the hydrangeas,

the birds flee,

Buds are slowly unfolding their alchemy,

Adrift I am in the confusing sea.


Spring is flowering inside my heart,

Working its magic through my veins,

No blood there is, just pure love,

Bewitched I am with someone’s eyes…..


They say I am getting mad,

Aye, aye, I agree,

They say I am getting lost,

Nay nay, I am already lost.


I wish the winds to carry his essence,

I wish to be drowned in his love,

What sort of sorcery is this, my lord?

Where I am enchanted by his thoughts.



I am overly seduced by his magic,

Never before has this seemed so tragic,

To the people who know me since eons,

For me, I guess, I am gone…..



The gluttonous devil in us is always looking for new food experiences, be it at our home or in restaurants or at food festivals.

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