5 days of love

Had heard your stories from companions

But never passed a single thought

An off shore wedding united us

In a dream land away from home


Never found a person as nubile as you are

Or as comical

Or as gentle

Or as lucid


Never felt this way for years

When the fluttering of butterflies upsets the insides

When the flowing wind fails to distress the locks

When basking in his company feels like eternity.


Unmatchable was the frequency between us

Unforgettable was the exchange of glances

Ferocious were our discourses

When we were left alone to wander.


I wish we had met sooner

When you were as solitary as me

But brutal are the ways of destiny

When it kept us apart for years.


The farewell was cruel with no words exchanged

No good byes

No lingering looks

No departing pranks


A new life awaits you

And it awaits me as well

But our paths divulge

After a brief sojourn of five days…..

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