11 years of love ordeal

Was lost in someone else’s world

Wading through those dreary doldrums

Yet you always held my hand

Your heart never forgot my essence….


Distance, time and people

Your arrogance and my pride

Menacingly wreaked their havoc

Yet destiny continues to smile in the end…


Always found my way back to you

Though never accepted the “love” for you

Was I blind to your presence?

Or too engrossed in meaningless pursuits?


Hiding in the shadows

Your gazes never left my back

Your once a day classroom bunks

Still leave a gaping hole in my soul….


Took so long to feel

What you feel

To see myself

The way you appreciated me

To fall for you

The way you always felt for me….


My stubbornness continues to reach new heights

Yet your patience still moves me

Listening to my complaints

Bearing my tantrums

My sightlessness still baffles me….


People ask what I love about you

Is there anything about you

That I do not admire

And I do not feel for?


After a decade of twists and turns,

You patiently weave your magic around me

You say you are spellbound

Yet I am the one who is enticed.

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