Football chronicles

The child in me

Always follows

The tip-tap of the balls

In the playground

Or on the screen.


I enjoy the ball

And kick it with gusto

With gay abandon

In the grass fields.


Subdued by my opponents 

One by one

I broke my leg

And become a fallen warrior.


And with a broken leg

My life continues

The excitement of a first surgery

The thrill of a fully healed leg.


With a recovering knee

I strive day and night

Balancing my work

And life.


And with a post injured leg

I compete for table tennis

Winning every round

Giving loves to my opponents.


The finals beckon the 

Winner in me

And my legs support 

My heart’s desire.


But too arduous 

Are the ways of destiny

When I lose the sets

One by one.


I wish I was the winner

They call me a runner up

Maybe the next time

I will show off my trophy.

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