Finding me

Destiny, clutter and misgivings
Ensuing heart breaks and tears
Tore us apart
I departed to be never found

I went away
Searching the solitude
From love and hatred
I turned away
And somehow in that numbness
you found me

Abandoning my ambition
My empire
I searched for the humble abodes
With a quitened demeanor
You found me
Calming my insides

Countless circles and people
Brought me to reality
Love and friendships
Showered again
Watching over me patiently
And in these priceless moments
You found me

Years and years of my apathy
And ages of your foreboding
Obliterating the past
With a hopeful future
In my own bedlam of emmotions
You found me

With a boquet of yellow & red roses
You found me
When my recluse was unhindered
With a toothy smile
And a diamond ring
You found me

We were always destined to meet
To fall apart time and again
Estranged and broken we were
Chaotic in our jingling lives
And yet you found me.

And you have finally reclaimed me
Like the ocean that reclaims its lands
Wave by wave
Inch by inch
Soul by soul

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