Using your influence

How can we as citizens help in the current situation?
🔹By only going out of our homes for essential activities and masking, social distancing and washing our face & hands after coming back.
🔹If you have recovered from covid (28 days at least), please donate your plasma. You can save lives.
🔹If you are active on social media, please share information about pleas for plasma, medicines and doctors’ notes. Even if you have 50 followers, at least 10 will reshare the stories and continue the chain of information. If you are an influencer/blogger, then your information sharing can help someone in need. Now is the time to influence, other things can be shared later when situation hopefully becomes better.
🔹Please do not share individual prescriptions because everyone reacts differently to medicines. This step can also prevent in black marketing of popular medicines.

🔹There is no medical proof that “Kadha” or other home remedies work. So ask your doctors what to have – they have studied human body for years, they know better.
🔹 If a doctor is sharing any tips for covid management or health management, then please amplify.
🔹Lastly, take care of your mental health. I won’t give any tips here because we all have different ways to cope with mental stress. For us, sitting idle in our balcony and relishing the pleasant wind helps. Sometimes it is cooking new dishes or watching sitcoms. It is never too late to find what soothes you and keep practising it.
🔹Immunity is a very subjective aspect and takes time to build. Please consult your doctors for the same instead of relying on whatsapp university forwards. We all are educated, it is time we use our education wisely.

If you have anything to share that you think can help the current situation, please do!

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