Book Recommendation – The Lies of Locke Lamora

📚 It is definitely a challenge to get back to epic/high fantasy fiction after a period of ten years. I began reading The Lies of Locke Lamora in January 2021 based on a few book recommendations by the fervent book lover @sharp_tack , but had trouble keeping track of the storyline and the “mannerisms” of the medieval era characters. I read the Google reviews and wanted to experience this storyline that garnered a 4.8 rating on Good Reads.
📚 Nevertheless, the second wave of covid came and then my sister’s typhoid illness. And then a close friend’s death due to covid. The surrounding world in mayhem was getting too stressful, negative and inhumane at times that it was getting difficult for me to not concentrate on the good things when I was not working. This book, this masterpiece of a book, came to my rescue during those troublesome days. The first 100 pages are difficult to get through as the author is gradually building the storyline but after that, you will be hooked to it.
📚 Talking about the story – there are so many stories about heists and thieves. But I doubt that there will be a story in which the thief is madly passionate about stealing and develops creative ways to hone his skills. I will not comment further on this book because hey, no spoilers!
But yes, because of this book, I can finally read complex fantasy stories again and get lost in the said world.

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