Skinny shaming is bad!

A note on skinny shaming or making someone conscious of their slim body:

🗡A person’s shape is not only dependent on their diet but also on their metabolism, genetics and physical activities.
🗡When you see a person in the perfect shape, perfection defined by societal standards, they might be in “shape” due to a good diet, regular exercise, depression, anorexia, bulimia, stomach infection or some other disease.
🗡Pointing out to someone that how come they are in shape despite eating so much is cruel and reeks of judgement & childish unawareness because you have not seen them actually eating or working out or vomiting due to bulimia or losing 10 kg because of a stomach infection.
🗡The food plates that you see on our feed is eaten by our whole family. We do not have maggi or pasta everyday, those dal chawal vegetables plates you see is what we have everyday.
So please be kind and mindful and stop skinny shaming anyone you meet in person or on internet. You think it is a compliment but it feels weird! Many mental health practitioners have also pointed out that skinny shaming is a real thing where a person is made to feel guilty about their “perfect” body.

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  1. This is very timely❤


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