Sustainable Diwali Ideas

πŸͺ” No crackers – air pollution levels and green-house gases levels are already high. If one person burns crackers, then it might not have appreciable effects but if crores burn on the same day, then obviously the effect is widespread.
πŸͺ” Use organic colours for making rangoli. Metal based colours are toxic and even when you wash them, they enter water and ultimately the food-chain. They are harmful even when they get suspended in air when you sweep them.
πŸͺ” Shop from local vendors – you are supporting local economy and making Diwali joyful for local businesses too!
πŸͺ” Use paper-based decorations instead of plastic ones. Plastic in any form is toxic and micro-plastics have already entered our food-chain.
πŸͺ” Gift eco-friendly or sustainable gifts that spread happiness for us as well as the environment. Use/buy glass or wooden jars instead of plastic ones.
πŸͺ” Use flowers for decoration – they are sustainable and spread beautiful aroma around and you will not be requiring any room-fresheners. When the flowers get spoiled, you can use them for composting.
πŸͺ” Lighting diyas and natural wax candles is always better than using electric lights – you are saving electricity fir essential activities.
πŸͺ” Petroleum based wax candles are toxic, so better to avoid them.
πŸͺ” Avoid plastic disposable tableware for guests and opt for our traditional pattal plates or wooden/Areca palm leaves/bamboo cutlery.

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