Book review – The Heir of Fire – Book 3 of the Throne of Glass series

The third book of the Throne of Glass series is longer by hundred pages as compared to the previous books. It goes more deeply into the characters and introduces a few new ones.

What I hated about this book is the lack of maps of Wendlyn and Doranelle.

There is an adorable wyvern which loves sniffing wildflowers and cradling in sunlight.

A witch from the Ironteeth clan is introduced and her story about how she deals with all the clans and covens of IronTeeth witches is thrilling and full of gore.

The history of the mysterious Fae is elaborated in detail and the stories of the famous queen get scary as we progress through the book.

There is a new brooding character introduced, who is a Fae and oh-so-batman-type-sulky.

Although our Captain of the Guard continues his brooding but he hatches an elaborate plan.

The best part of this book is not the main character or the Fae, it is the adorable Crown Prince of Adarlan. His character development is awe-inspiring. We learn more about his… ahem… secrets and how he is dealing with them.

And we discover the back-story of Assassin and why she is what she is. She is slowly discovering and honing her powers in the Fae heartland and befriending a few demi-Fae like her.

There is another swaggering character introduced – the Wolf of the North. His backstory is the most interesting here. If I reveal more, I will be spoiling your reading experience.

The ending is crazy! I’m looking forward to the next book because something really bad happens to one of the characters.

Sarah J Maas continues her interesting world-building and plot expansion in this book as well!

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