I am still the same rose that grows by your side,

and still the same drop of tear that flows from your very eyes,

but you have found the orchids to make up your days,

and pasted the fake happiness on your gloomy face.

I am the same sun that wakes you everyday,

and still the same hope that comes with every ray,

but you pretend that the sun is not there,

and the despair surrounding you is nothing but fair.

I am still the same mischief hidden in your every grin,

and still the same triumph persistent in your every win,

but now the notoriety keeps a distance from you,

and success too has changed her view.


Whilst alone; I am still the same silence,

and still the same thought that comes to your defense,

but the silence has long forgotten you,

and the thoughts in your mind are absolutely new.


The love I had for you is still the same,

same are the feelings which now give you shame,

but now that forbidden love means nothing to you,

and feelings think twice before approaching you.


I am the same ocean that absorbs your pain,

and still the same drop that pours in every rain.

But the sea has taken you in its care,

and the rain pours but the drops are not there.

I am still the same,

though you have changed,

I still stand on the edge waiting for you,

knowing well the chances are nothing but few.

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