High on happiness

Forgotten I had

About tender happiness

The happiness of every precious moment

Of a smile passed

Of love shown

Of a milestone won!

This happiness that keeps coming in waves

Swaying me with it

Cascading through my sinews

Like the colours of summer

And the ecstasy of drizzles

And my broken heart

This bruised heart


While I collected the shattered pieces of my soul

These unmatching shards I gathered

One by one

Second by second

Day by day

Year by year

This happiness

That came like the gentle autumn winds

And the pleasant cold

Continues to baffle me

And this happiness blooms

Like the spring buds

That open to life and love

This blazing happiness

Like the summer sun

Scorched my inner coldness

And opened me to warmth again!

This pouring happiness

Like the monsoon downpour

Washes away my tears

And my residual sadness

Oh this happiness!

You eluded me for so long!

I tried finding you

In the nooks & crannies

Of my broken heart

And my defeated soul

And I finally found you

Or is it you that finally found me?

From the clutches of self-doubt

And self-pity


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