Hidden feelings lying in some corner,

residual emotions tucked in another,

desires still left unhindered,

untouched they are, left to wither away.


Wither? I wish they were dead,

devolving in the abyss moment by moment,

I shun them to fade away in the dark,

but they yearn to burst with the familiar.


So many corners in my heart,

all connected, all decaying,

so many things left unsaid,

left to pile up and rot,

real laughter, real happiness no more exists,

just seconds of ecstasy; temporary they are,

fake smile plastered on my face,

nothing good to look forward to,

nothing to love,

nothing to feel happy for,

it is all dark,

it is all dead.


No, no, the world is not dead,

no, no, it is not lost,

I try convincing myself every day,

but my world is indeed lost in oblivion.

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