And the search still goes on!

Life, they say is a treasure,

and I say it is difficult to measure,

For me, it is the search that started years ago,

because in this sea of love my boat still rows.

It waits for your island which is far away,

“Be patient my boat”, I always say….

I search for you in the freshness of the mornings,

when parrots talk eagerly flapping their wings,

I ask the parrots where you are likely to be,

But they retort,” She is not with us, don’t you see?”

And so the search still goes on…


I search for you in the mischiefs of the children,

least bothered about the world unlike grown up men,

I play with them to get you back,

but they say love is something that I lack,

But I still go as the search goes on…


I search for you in the innocence of tulips,

Red, violet and pink with fragnance at their tips,

I tell them to look for you,

but they haven’t seen you too,

and so the search still goes on…


Here and there,

I search for you everywhere,

But still I won’t find you,

yearning for the day when I will see you.


These roads and these trees, they all talk about you,

the water and the rocks know your place too,

unwilling they are to reveal your mystery,

as they also know about our history.


I know the hide-and-seek games you play,

and that is the price you want me to pay,

But I won’t give up on you till my last breath,

and I can be stopped only by death,

I will bring you back from your exile,

even though I might have to travel a million miles..

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