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Bhalla King, Lajpat Nagar central market, Delhi

Are you tired of the usual bhalla papdi and chaat? Are you looking for the traditional taste with a twist? Then think no more and head to Bhalla King situated in Aggarwal sweets, Lajpat Nagar central market.

The owners Ankita and Kartik are very warm and cheerful hosts and are doing their bit to reduce non biodegradable waste. You’ll notice wooden and paper cutlery at their store and in their delivery orders.

Palak Patta Chaat: The spinach leaves are densely coated with besan/chickpea flour and fried to crispy perfection. The blend of sweet sonth or red sauce, fresh cold yogurt and green mint chutney tastes good although their quantity can be reduced so that the flavour of spinach leaves comes out better. The use of banana in their red sweet chutney adds more density to the chaat.

Chaat platter: That was a huge platter! The humongous and crispy rajkachori had soft & spongy Bhalla, boiled chickpea, sev-moth and the lovely blend of yogurt, red and green chutney. The sev puri was hassle free with crispy & fine sev sprinkled over boiled and finely chopped spicy potatoes. But the best of the lot was the masala golgappa. The golgappase were of good quality – thin, crispy and airy and the green mint infused water was spicy but not too overwhelming.

Paav Bhaajhi: The paavs are well buttered and soft and the bhaajhi has a very different flavour – slightly tangy at times.

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Travel musings – Ramnagar, Uttarakhand

What different did I today?

The winter sun is up and running – I mean very much visible today. So instead of using my washing machine to wash and dry clothes, I hand washed them and let the warm sun weave its magic in drying my clothes. This saved a hell lot of power and prevented a lot of polyester micro fibres from getting released into the ocean. I’m re-using my polyester clothes instead of throwing them because they anyway end up in the landfills.

So what different did you today?

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Dan Bro, Kailash Colony, Delhi

Dan Bro finally comes to India and although before last Saturday, I was not much aware of this chain, I totally enjoyed my experience here.

The restaurant/boulangerie is definitely a feast to eyes with its showcase of an array of desserts, chocolates and bakery items. The staff is well trained, the head chef very innovative and the manager very warm & welcoming. The only drawback I could see was the dearth of washrooms.

Quinoa Grilled Veg Salad: The goodness of juicy lime vinaigrette drenched quinoa, fresh lettuce leaves and perfectly grilled zucchini, French beans, mushrooms and bell peppers – it could not have been healthier.

Mezze platter: The falafels were pretty different from the usual and I loved this novelty. The presence of paneer/cottage cheese in the crispy falafel made a huge difference and the home made babaganoush, tzaziki and hummus were equally delicious.

Double cooked Al Fungi: Ohhh my, where to begin! When finely chopped juicy shiitake & field mushrooms are mixed with parmesan and cheddar cheese and fried to crispy perfection, then bomb is created. This is so obsessively delicious that the taste buds will be seduced by the lovely aftertaste.

Ravioli in smoked tomato broth: The melt in the mouth round spinach and ricotta raviolis are expertly crafted and drenched in the black pepper loaded tomato broth. This dish is a complete meal in itself.

Char grilled veg lasagna: For a fan of lamb lasagna, this one was good. The presence of minced soya chunks and whole wheat pasta sheets made this a healthier option. The usage of cheese was optimal here so this dish is not overwhelming.

Hot lava cake: Unfortunately, the lava cake burst before we dug into it. The taste was good and the cake went well with home made vanilla ice cream.

Strawberry cheese cake: Finally a place that uses real strawberries in the mascarpone cheese! You can actually taste the tangy strawberry fibres while gulping down this wonderful dessert.

Danbro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Bindass Burgers, Shahpur Jat

I think I am attracting sustainable brands now and then and when it is a delivery outlet, my happiness becomes four fold.

The specialty about Bindass Burgers is that they their breads are freshly baked and sourced from a vendor who prefers not to use preservatives , their sauces prepared every day and their packaging eco friendly. Their burgers are held together by bamboo toothpicks which do not pose a health risk if they get broken unlike the wooden toothpicks.

Veg Korma (Shaami Kebab) Burger: The vegetarian Shaami patty is crispy and did not get soggy over the course of time. The refreshing mint mayonnaise sauce is prepared from pulverised mint leaves and mayo. Highly recommended.

Veg Bang Bang burger: This burger is aptly named because it is pretty spicy and the flavours do create a volcano on your palate.

Chicken Mexicano burger: Mexican flavours at their best! This burger is not for the faint hearted souls! The chicken patty is juicy from inside and crispy from outside and the fiery Mexican sauce along with the jalapeños provide a lethal combination. Highly recommended for spice lovers.

Peri Peri French fries: These fries are fashioned the way ideal French fries are fashioned – a light crunch and a slight gooey inside.

Bindass Burgers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato