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Young maiden so full of life
Why bother about that
Man in strife
Give him positive vibes
And let him go

And he will come to you
When you are least aware
Staring at the whites of the fluffy skies
Dispersing in the blues

Stop yourself from caring too much
His life belongs to him
And yours to you

So he will come to you
When you are laughing raucously
Least aware of his lingering looks
And eyes that refuse to leave your presence

Build your enchanting world
Around yourself
With least care
For his judgments
And his cares

But he will come to you
When you are yourself
Abandoning your poise
And drenched in wild abandon

And he is there
When you have forgotten him
Forgotten your yearnings for him
Forgotten your love for him

There, there
He is laughing
He is smiling
Welcoming you with open arms
And an open heart

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Soho Bistro and Cafe, Saket

So this particular area around Western Marg in Saket has been bustling with cozy cafes that are gradually capturing the attention of students and office going workforce alike. Case in point being the very famous Rise Cafe.

You’ll be reminded of the interior me of Elma’s at HKV when you visit Soho. Old world charm with snug ambience greets you and the delicious Italian menu beckons you to order more and more.

French Fries: Crispy exterior and perfectly salted – can we ask for more?


Belgian chocolate shake: Ohhh my! The smooth and thick texture with the rich flavour of chocolate and moderate sweetness will leave you in splits.

Half and half vegetarian pizza: The one half had buffalo cheese, capers, black olives and sun-dried tomatoes and was amazing in taste. The other half had red, yellow and green bell peppers, zucchini and buffalo cheese but was over grilled.


Half and half non vegetarian pizza: The one half had ham & mushrooms – the lovely juiciness of mushroom complimenting the succulence of ham. The other had grilled chicken which was chewy and dry.


Their pizzas are thin crusted and I love the use of buffalo cheese but they need to have more flavourful toppings while keeping the authenticity alive.

Shakes and smoothies are excellent and worth spending upon.

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Beauty called life

The filtering sunlight
Waking every cell of yours
And the gushing waters
Quenching your thirst

So do not throw away
This thing called life

An unexpected hailstorm
In an unlikely place
Enjoy it while it lasts
Before the sun scorches them away

So remember to experience
This beauty called life

The mad twittering of magpies
With their monochrome bosoms
Oh what a spectacle!
To behold for many births

So forget not
About this miracle called life

A passing smile to an old couple
A game of football with unruly kids
A helpful discount from a shopkeeper
And the complimentary dessert at a bar

So dare to care
For this wonderful life

The sparkling stars
In the dark of the night
While the dim moonlight
Dances in your eyes

So stay thankful
For this miracle called life

A home cooked meal
And a roof over your head
A warm quilt
And a love nest

Care not to waste away
This wonder called life

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Guftagu Cafe, Gurgaon

Tete-a-tete or Guftagu is what we yearn for after a long hectic day at work or an unpredictable week. And when that is coupled by Sher-o-shayari, stand up comedy or poetic renditions, then the experience becomes super special.


The relaxing interiors coupled with myriad colours will enchant you and the love food counter will definitely keep you salivating.


The menu boasts of many lip smacking and never heard before dishes like chicken rollers, fish fingers which are coated in KFC style, red velvet shake and what not!




Guftagu Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Your smile – II

Blushing away anxiously
Tripping on my coffee
On our first date
You made me smile

Laughing hysterically
On my lame puns
While teasing me
About my eccentricities
You made me smile

Quietly watching you
Playing with the parrots
Swirling your stole
Around the bougainvilleas
My heart smiled

Flaring with life
You made me smile
Your ceaseless passion
Made me beam
In success and in failure
We twinkled

And now, while I lie motionless
Speechlessly glimpsing you
In my last moments
You continue to make me smile