Breakfast diaries – quinoa

So we were cooking #quinoa in #garliccherrytomatosauce in our previous reel. It is healthy, has a subtle taste and is easy on your belly.

Travel musings – Mawphlang sacred grove

Ready to be sacrificed! The sacred groves of Meghalaya have such stone formations (built by locals of course) to perform sacrifices to please the Gods and to maintain the purity of the groves.

Travel Haiku – Jodhpur

So he will come to youWhen you are laughing raucouslyLeast aware of his lingering looksAnd eyes that refuse to leave your presence. Caption taken from one of my poems.

Travel Haiku – Uttarakhand

Bitten by the same travel bug And the shared passions for raucous dancing We merrily sang to our favourite tunes Little did we know, we were falling too soon. Caption taken from my poem, “Time and distance”

Travel musings – Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

This is real picture and not a painting 🖼!The weather Gods were generous when we visited Mandu a year back. We were able to enjoy a pleasant weather and snap pictures in the glory of daylight.

Chattynadu, Gurgaon

Only my rumbling belly knows how much I miss the not so usual South Indian delights. We have been cooking Idli, Dosa, Sambhar, Uttapam and coconut chutney since ages but the other South Indian dishes – not so much! When we got to know that Chattynadu, a Gurgaon based South Indian specialty restaurant is delivering…