Spring sprung!

The blossoms swayIn the spring windOr is it a breeze? For the spring has sprungCaressing the dancing leavesTeasing the twittering parrotsChasing the fireflies. The spring has sprungIlluminating the morningsWarming the daysAnd carrying the whiff of the jasminesInto the shimmering night!

Spring is here!

The frigid wind is resting After a tiring winter But I’m afraid to bloom Fearing the return of the snow. I yearn to bloom Because spring is near The pollens are poking now and then Assuring me that it is time to bloom. The spring air caresses my petals Pecking me to open to, The…

Book review – The Wheel of Time book 8 – The Path of Daggers

“You trouble me so, Rand-al Thor. Light, sometimes I think that the Creator made you to trouble me.” And Rand-al Thor continues to trouble me! Our Dragon Reborn is getting annoyingly arrogant of his “dragon” and undefeated status and it looks like the power or the saidin is getting to him. Thank Robert Jordan for…

Highway haiku

The highways 🛣 of India have their own stories to shareTheir own cuisinesTheir roads are endless swathes of talesTaking notice of every human that walks by themChanging themAs these humans change the highways. Picture taken in 2017 at a local eatery en-route to Coorg, please travel responsibly and safely.

Book review – The Wheel of Time book 7 – A Crown of Swords

My, oh my, Robert Jordan delivers again on the 7th book of the Wheel of Time series. I was expecting fireworks, in your face humour and twisted politics. What I did not expect were a host of feel good moments, over shadowed characters coming into their own, introduction of a no-nonsense Mc Gonagall like character…

Winter realisation

Till 2018, I had associated winters with a runny nose, a dry coughing throat and air that was too cold to get out. But in December 2018, I visited Dhanaulti and could finally understand why many people are so fond of the crisp winter air. You see, I misunderstood the dreaded winter air with the…

Winter monochrome

The blacks shimmer their velvety eleganceIn the winters,While the whites and the creams wonder,Why the skies and snow mimic us,Unaware that they are imitating the winter monochrome!

Perils of cold

The cold chases meStalks like an obsessive loverCatching me off-guardWhile I try to relaxIn the holiday season It shrouds mewhen I’m least awareBites my bonesChilling my insides & outsidesMaking my skin crawlSending the shivers down my spineTill I weaponise myself with blanketsAnd a hot tea. Picture taken in 2018, please travel responsibly and safely.