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Beauty called life

The filtering sunlight
Waking every cell of yours
And the gushing waters
Quenching your thirst

So do not throw away
This thing called life

An unexpected hailstorm
In an unlikely place
Enjoy it while it lasts
Before the sun scorches them away

So remember to experience
This beauty called life

The mad twittering of magpies
With their monochrome bosoms
Oh what a spectacle!
To behold for many births

So forget not
About this miracle called life

A passing smile to an old couple
A game of football with unruly kids
A helpful discount from a shopkeeper
And the complimentary dessert at a bar

So dare to care
For this wonderful life

The sparkling stars
In the dark of the night
While the dim moonlight
Dances in your eyes

So stay thankful
For this miracle called life

A home cooked meal
And a roof over your head
A warm quilt
And a love nest

Care not to waste away
This wonder called life

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Will you?

You and I
We have seen enough sun rises alone
Welcoming the days with our

So will you see the sun sets with me?
When the orange ball
Turns a glorious red
And fades away a lovely day.

My cloister equals yours
My mind is in you heart
And your heart in my mind

So will you be the ocean
To my rivers and waterfalls
Gently absorbing me
Into another universe
And allowing me to consume you
Into my world

We have been alone
For far too
Too long

So will you climb those mountains with me?
That reside in mother nature
And in our minds..

Our souls are fashioned
Out of the same stardust
And the same emptiness
Resides in our hearts

So will you fill my desolation
With your kindness
And allow me to fill yours
With my happiness

And when this companionship
Over burdens us
Will you go for a temporary recluse?
And let me enjoy my own presence

And when this distance
Overwhelms us
Will you build a life with me?
And enable me to forge this world with you.