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Bindass Burgers, Shahpur Jat

I think I am attracting sustainable brands now and then and when it is a delivery outlet, my happiness becomes four fold.

The specialty about Bindass Burgers is that they their breads are freshly baked and sourced from a vendor who prefers not to use preservatives , their sauces prepared every day and their packaging eco friendly. Their burgers are held together by bamboo toothpicks which do not pose a health risk if they get broken unlike the wooden toothpicks.

Veg Korma (Shaami Kebab) Burger: The vegetarian Shaami patty is crispy and did not get soggy over the course of time. The refreshing mint mayonnaise sauce is prepared from pulverised mint leaves and mayo. Highly recommended.

Veg Bang Bang burger: This burger is aptly named because it is pretty spicy and the flavours do create a volcano on your palate.

Chicken Mexicano burger: Mexican flavours at their best! This burger is not for the faint hearted souls! The chicken patty is juicy from inside and crispy from outside and the fiery Mexican sauce along with the jalapeños provide a lethal combination. Highly recommended for spice lovers.

Peri Peri French fries: These fries are fashioned the way ideal French fries are fashioned – a light crunch and a slight gooey inside.

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#nofilter, SDA

A perfect place to relax and unwind after a long hectic day. The ambience is simple with soft yellow lights that makes you feel comfortable.

Here are the dishes that I tried-

Parle-G Shake – This is the first time I heard of this shake. Reminisce about your childhood by indulging in this beauty. It seems moderately sweet when you take the first sip but later on it seems alot sweeter. RECOMMENDED.


Beetroot Seekh Kebab – Beetroot is one veggie that has crawled it’s way into the menus of some major restaurants. This kekab was soft and tender and a little bit spicy. You will not be satisfied with just one. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


#nofilter Tenders – It tikles your taste buds in all the right ways. A crispy exterior with soft filling of cottage cheese inside is a must try. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Chicken Chatkara Pizza – Oodles of cheese and chicken tikka on a pizza, need we ask for more? Chicken tikka was well marinated and juicy as well. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

IMG_20170811_165124Butter Chicken Pasta – Something to rejoice for all the butter chicken lovers, this pasta is served with garlic naan instead of garlic bread. A perfect fusion of Italian with Indian, this pasta is creamy and lusciouss.


#nofilter Fusion Burger – A monstrous patty which is made of minced chicken and lamb. It is tender but it is quite heavy as well. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.



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Johnny Rockets, DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

When a restaurant serves the freshest made to order burgers in addition to healthy salads and mesmerizing appetizers, in addition to the staff dancing jubilantly on a few songs, then that place is a force to reckon with. We all are familiar with Johnny Rockets, the international chain, reputed for their burgers and shakes and their ohh-so-American way of life.

They have recently introduced a festive menu where you can have a six course meal at drop dead prices. Seriously! The copious quantities of appetizers, pre-appetizers, shakes, burgers and salads are available just under 500 bucks. Difficult to believe? Go visit the Vasant Kunj and Gurgaon outlets to experience the unbelievable.

Following are some of the items I tasted from their new menu:

Strawberry shake: So finally someone knows how to whip up a subtle strawberry shake with the freshness of the miracle fruit intact. The freshly crushed strawberries lent their sweetness to a rich milk based concoction with no extra sweeteners and fresh smooth whipped cream on top. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.



Onion Rings: Good. Not too burnt or too soggy or even too oily. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Chicken bacon cheddar whole wheat burger: So when I am ordering a burger with a bacon based patty, I would expect a moderate quantity of bacon. Here the case was opposite. Just one small strip in addition to brittle buns. But the chicken patty was grilled well and drenched in melted cheddar. I loved the fact that it was not too cheesy.


Hot n spicy chicken wings: Not hot or even spicy at all. Though they were tangy and juicy.

Rocket tenderloin burger: An average burger to me. Buns were brittle and the patty was chewy.


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Wendy’s, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

Many amongst the burger lovers crave light burgers and sometimes, their specific demand is not met. For such situations, the outlets from Wendy’s are there to serve the lightest burgers and that too with customized Indian flavours.

Wendy’s India has recently launched its new menu and some usual favourites are there with a revamped taste. The addition of Grover Zampa and United Breweries to serve red and white wine and Kingfisher Ultra and Lager Beer is commendable and the affordability of the items will attract the students as well.

So on my recent visit to their Cyber Hub outlet, I relished the following:

Classic chicken burger: A light burger is what I desire when I want to fill my belly without feeling too guilty. This one has a well grilled patty with the crunchiness maintained with the goodness of jalapenos and tomatoes and the sweetness of sauce.


Ultimate Paneer Burger: First of all, the buns are flavoured with turmeric and sealed with a secret recipe of Wendy’s resulting in subtle soft buns. The pane patty is wonderfully created: mashed paneer with mashed potatoes as the binding agent and formed into a lean patty and fried to crispy goodness. The mustard sauce adds the necessary depth because of its pungency. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Railway Cutlet: The ubiquitous snack for Indians is renewed by Wendy’s by presenting it in a wrap. The cutlet is grilled to crunchy perfection with soft insides. The warm cheese adorning the cutlet is viscous and adds depth to an already perfect dish. The wrap is chewy and hot. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Baconater: Flavoured buns enclosing a soft juicy patty enmeshed by chewy bacon strips. The bacon is darn good with its juices retained. Wendy’s believe in fresh bacon and they have a special vendor here for supplying the same. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Spicy aloo crunch: Expect spiciness and other wordly crispiness here. But the oiliness mars the whole experience. Nonetheless, the crispy skin and the extra earthly spice of green chilies and coriander will appeal the ardent spice lovers. RECOMMENDED.


Falafel shots: Light crispy chunks of falafel having a fine mixture sans salt is a nice little accompaniment to your heavy lunches. RECOMMENDED.


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Burger Singh, SDA, New Delhi

When it comes to burgers, I highly recommend the ones from Carls Jr., Café Delhi Heights and of course, the mass produced Mc. Donalds. But when it comes to combining the usual burgers with the Indian flavours and dishes, Burger Singh wins the lone battle. Here are a few of them that I tried recently:

Bihari ghosht burger: Not recommended at all. Too spicy. And ironically speaking, the strong smell of the mutton patty is the icing on the cake. The buns were fine and the lettuce crunchy but the patty, which is the deciding factor for a burger scores low. On a side note, some of my relatives belong to Bihar and the mutton cooked there is not deadly spicy. So improvement needed here.


Chicken Amritsari Burger: Now this is an Indianised burger. The juicy and tender chicken patty drenched in a thick tangy, hot and sweet gravy. Though slightly on the saltier side, but still recommended.



Mexican French fries: This perplexing new avatar of the usual French fries is slightly tangy and slightly spicy, but not a dish you would order for delivery because they tend to get soggy.



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Feel Alive, Sector 29, Gurgaon

When it comes to a Friday night parties, I am not a big fan of resto-pubs playing the loudest possible music and serving the cheapest dishes and drinks on their menu in happy hours. Neither I am too fond of crowded lounges where you can hardly ever make a conversation. Many of us have moved on over the “My bar” type of parties and would prefer a sophisticated place to relax and enjoy.

Keeping all the above factors in mind, Mr. Vasul Chauhan, whose brainchild Biryani and Quorma Express is doing excellent in the Gurgaon delivery circles, has come with a premium property by the name of Feel Alive at Sector 29. The opulent ambience, the live bar, the elaborate food and drinks menu, the huge TV screens and the plush interiors will compel your heart to skip a beat. And the excitement does not end here. There are five party rooms for group get togethers which can easily seat around 18-20 people with a personal butler, a smart TV, kickass sound systems and comfortable seatings. Thursdays are reserved for Salsa and Fridays are for dancing to a live DJ.

And it does get better with the gastronomic experience….

Suchu wine sangria: After getting to know my love for Sangria, Mr. Vasul Chauhan, an accomplished mixologist himself, conjured a wonderfully delicate Japanese rice wine sangria. The refreshing taste of watermelon, guava and orange cubes coupled with the subtle tanginess of the rice wine was pretty appealing to me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Caesar Salad: Thank God these guys know how to prepare a simple Caesar salad. The lettuce leaves were crisp and the parmesan shavings were fine, therefore adding to more subtlety here. No extra cream or cheese. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Chicken Satay with peanut dressing: After having the same dish at Yo China, I had developed a strong antagonism towards satay dishes. But the one served here is ohh-so-lovely in taste! The boneless chicken pieces are cooked in their own juices, they are soft and tender and topped with coconut milk with peanuts. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Grilled fish stick: Fish grilled in a marination of basil, spinach and coriander with the extra spice of black pepper is a wonderful new entrant. The fish is grilled – no disintegration. But it is slightly salty. RECOMMENDED.


Jalapeno Cheese poppers: If they were called just cheese poppers, then I would have given it top marks. Because these poppers were warm with light melting cheese oozing out and enmeshing the finely chopped vegetables. The exterior was crumb fried and crispy but I really wish they increase the quantity of jalapenos in it if they want the name of the fiery chilli associated with it. RECOMMENDED.


Prawn Tempura roll: Crispy prawns rolled in the finest Japanese rice with sesame seeds adorning the top – can not get better! RECOMMENDED.


Yaki Soba: After this, I am definitely going to forget the Indianised Chinese noodles. Made from buck wheat flour, and cooked in sesame oil, oyster sauce and black pepper, these were ohh-so-light in their slurpy goodness. And lets not forget the fine juliennes of spring onions, cabbage and carrots. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Peri Peri chicken: Not the best one I had. The sharpness and the spiciness of the peri peri sauce was amiss here and the chicken was way too firm and therefore difficult to eat. The potato mash served was smooth but salt was the sole ingredient missing here. The grilled vegetables- bell peppers and zuchhini were done so well that their skins were slightly crusty and their insides juicy.


Chipotle chicken burger: The French fries served with this burger were out of the world and were not overdone. But the burger was a bit of a downer. It was hot but the patty was not grilled properly and was a bit cold.


Taco vs basa: Roasted tacos spread over grilled basa with lemon butter sauce and rice. The tacos were crispy to the core and the basa was delicious. The fish was grilled well and served with blossoming rice with the rich lemon butter sauce. RECOMMENDED.


Bombay Rib pork: The pork was too hard and arduous to cut and served with potato mash and charred vegetables. NOT RECOMMENDED.


Super Sundae: I actually ate this whole dessert. With a vanilla sponge cake at the base and two scoops of vanilla ice cream topped on the cake, this was was heavenly as it was topped with a custard mix, fresh fruits and strawberry tart. The custard mix was so creamy and subtly sweet. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Crème Brulee: With a crunchy exterior and soft and smooth creamy interior, this could win your heart. RECOMMENDED.


Burn Bourbon burn: One of the masterpieces by Mr. Vasul, this one combines the fumy flavour of cinnamon and the woody taste of bourbon. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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Carl’s Jr., Saket, New Delhi

When it comes to mean and decadent burgers, Carl’s Jr. is the go to place for burger lovers. Within a short span of time, this burger joint has made a name for itself in the Indian market as well apart from being the conqueror of the American fast food industry. Needless to say, we can not help falling in love with their sinful preparations specially when they are launching four new flavours, especially suited to the Indian palate.

They have started a “muttonisation drive” where they are introducing four meat patty burgers with customized sauces for Indians. After devouring on their paradisiacal burgers, I can safely conclude that this drive is going to be successful.

Few fun facts about Carl’s Jr.: Their mutton patties are grilled in their own juices which makes the patty so light, chewy and juicy. Their trademark sauces are light with a medium consistency and are not too heavy. So the burger experience you get is out of the world. And their patty recipe, sauce recipe and bun recipe is patented, so the taste you get has been worked upon by professionals after thorough experimentation and research.

Technicalities aside, let us move on to the our point of discussion:

French Fries: Not your ideal and usual French fries but good. They have a light crispy exterior with soft insides but not too soft. RECOMMENDED.


Famous Star Burger: A chewy and juicy mutton patty lightly topped with a sweet sauce enclosed in soft buns will transfer you to the wonderland of heavenly burgers. The patty is made from a fine mince of mutton which is moist but not soggy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Famous Onion Burger: This one is for the folks who crave the fieriness in their burgers. The patty is again chewy and juicy but in combination with sauce, it is quite hot and heavy. The patty is topped with fried onion rings which lend their sweetness and balance the hotness of the burger. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.



Special Tomato: Burgers with multi grain buns? Way to go Carl’s Jr. For the health freaks out there who do not wish to consume refined flour buns, this burger is made for you. The buns in this one are too an extent brittle but the patty is so meaty and flavourful with the added sweetness and hotness of sauce and sliced tomatoes. RECOMMENDED.



Special Mint: Mint sauce with mutton patty? You won’t like this combination in the first bite, but in the end, you will relish your experience. Mint sauce is pretty creamy and fresh but not too heavy. Patty is again chewy and juicy and the use of multi grain buns which are soft is commendable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.



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