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Sassy Begum, Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi

Veg Shikampur kebabs: Mellow and fibrous kebabs with a dominant sweetness, the first bite will keep you wondering and the subsequent ones will flabbergasted you with a multitude of flavours. Not to be missed: the hotness of green chillies and garam masala.


Dum Ka Murg: I was honestly surprised by the number of chicken pieces in this dish. Usually restaurants provide only two pieces in a curried dish and that factor takes the excitement away from hogging to cursing.
The chicken is succulent and lavishly drenched in a thick gravy of yogurt, spices and cashew nuts paste. The icing or rather the icings on the cake are the caramelised onions topping this dish thus lending a smoky flavour.


Malabar paratha: Soft and chewy, this goes well with the chicken dish.

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Shekaza, Kalkaji, New Delhi

There definitely arrives a time when you move over the glitzy restaurants serving fast food and return to the classy old school establishments which still serve the dishes of your childhood. Such places continue to improvise their dishes but maintain their uniqueness. And Shekaza is one such dine out restaurant which will impress you with their fine food and services.


We have a thing for Britishesque or European interiors with minimalism and Shekaza is the epitome of such specifications. The restaurant portrays soothing paintings with peaceful environs.


It has been running successfully for the past thirty years and with their impeccable service, we seriously wish they continue to achieve new milestones.

Non veg kebab platter: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Afghani chicken tikka – perfectly grilled and melt in the mouth

Fish tikka – extremely mellow and slightly tangy fish pieces with a subtle crusty exterior.


Gilaafi kebabs – firm and flavourful with hints of sweetness because of the presence of chopped bell peppers.

Chicken tikka – Spicy and tender chicken pieces which are difficult to resist

Drums of Heaven: For a change, this was hot but not spicy to the point of burning your palate. The magic of chopped onion and garlic along with a slight drizzle of vinegar and honey on a crusty leg piece of fried chicken can leave you in splits. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Dahi ke kebab: The sweet yet sour hung curd deep fried in a crunchy exterior of a secret ingredient (we are aware but will not reveal) is bound to give you a major food gasm. The presence of chopped green chillies and bell peppers does give a different dimension to these lovelies. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Lemon chicken: Boneless chicken pieces drenched in a subtle yet tangy gravy of lemon and fresh vegetables – broccoli, carrots, baby corn, zuchhini, garlic, tomatoes, sweet corn and spring onions – maelstrom of flavours which can not be forgotten easily. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Shekaza special Hakka Noodles: The finest noodles tossed with boneless chicken chunks, eggs, carrots, mushrooms, bell peppers, broccoli and spinach and served to you without the addition of vinegar – could we stop ourselves? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Chicken Rara: Boneless chicken pieces drenched in a tomato based thick gravy of fine chicken keema – why not? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Overall rating: 5/5

Will we come here again? Yes and with family

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Chawla’s Tandoori Junction, Defence Colony

Family based restaurants serving lip smacking north Indian dishes are difficult to find these days. And this is where Chawla’s Tandoori Junction comes into play.

A twenty years old restaurant which started at Karkardooma and has now spread to Noida and Defence Colony, Chawla’s should be on your go to list for those delicious family outings and here are the reasons why:

Paneer Tikka: Tanginess and an unusual smokiness define this common vegetarian appetizer.


Kastoori chicken: Firm and chewy boneless chicken pieces drenched in subtle spices and smoked to perfection, with a lovely balance of flavours – I could not keep my hands off from this one.


Dahi ke sholey: A vegetarian dish which is cathcinh up with all of us. The one served here is flaky and crispy from outside with not too many layers and soft and sweet from inside – the reduced yoghurt is ohh-so-smooth!


Kalmi Kebab: Any kebab slathered with cream or yoghurt is always enticing for me! This one was heavenly soft, so damn succulent that the chicken falls out of the legpiece, creamy and had fresh coriander leaves to provide a different level of decadency.


Chicken Tandoori momos: A balanced chewiness coupled with the a slight peppery flavour awaits your palate when you savour this.

Handi chicken: Rich and creamy gravy with the aroma of green cardomam and the tender chicken pieces and an unusual spice level – recommended.


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The Clock Tower, Golf Course road, Gurgaon

“Nostalgia is a bitch”

Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries rightly mentions nostalgia as someone quite annoying or reminding you of something/someone painful.

How about a place, a fine dining brewery which makes you nostalgic and in a good way? Where you can see and listen to retro songs, relish the posters of numerous rock bands, your favourite cartoons and comic strips? Head to the The Clock Tower situated at the Golf Course road.

The place is hugely huge. Forgive the grammatical error, but I could not call it grandiloquent because it is not grand, it is huge and so immersed in the pop culture paraphernalia. From the posters of Black Sabbath and AC/DC to the common man cartoons by R.K. Laxman, from the comic strips of Archies to a huge screen playing Dancing Queen by Abba, they have it all. Since I am a huge fan of rock, metal and retro music and the old world comics, I thoroughly enjoyed soaking in all this place has to offer.

Here are a few dishes that I relished :

Non Veg Mezze platter : This has to be the best non veg Mezze platter I have ever tasted. It has the softest pita bread which not too soft so as to disintegrate, soft and chewy lam kibbeh which are ooh-so-delicious with cashews in their cores, finest hummus with hints of garlic, tzaziki with the perfect sour cream and sweet caramelize onions and lovely baba ganoush with the blossoming flavours of garlic and egg plant. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Chilli Chicken : These were spicy to the core, thin crusted, soft and chewy.


Dahi ke kebab : Not recommended at all. The yoghurt was not smooth and was disintegrating. The taste was too sweet with not the right balance of flavours.

Pan seared basa : A huge fillet of basa topped with lemon garlic sauce and fresh parsley, on a bed of mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables, this could have been better. The basa was seared but was disintegrating to small pieces and hence difficult to eat. The mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables were fine.


Notorious bangers and mash : Wow and yum are the words! Pork sausages in the usual shape as well as in snail shape on a bed of mashed potatoes and boiled peas were heavenly. I never ever had a better sausage till date. The sausages were chewy, finely minced and delicately falvoured. The covering was firm and had not dissolved.

Non veg mughlai platter : Pretty average. The chicken pieces were dry and the seekh kebabs were way too chewy.


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Tanishk Gourmet Indian, DLF phase 1, Gurgaon

So here is a delivery service which specializes in serving gourmet dishes and by gourmet, I do not mean just continental, but Indian as well. The delivery is well on time and the packaging is way too attractive. So here are my views on the items that I recently tried :

Dahi ke kebab : A sad disappointment. I have had dahi ke kebabs from Kebab Gali and for me, they are the standard. The ones served by Tanishk neither had the softness nor the sweetness of yoghurt in the kebabs. The crispy layer is commendable but it was too crispy and not crusty as it should be. The kebab was disintegrating as well.

Tangri Kebab : Ahhh, where to start? First of all, the leg pieces are big – bigger than your average tangri. Second of all, the chicken I moist, juicy and just comes out of the bone pretty easily. The meat is flavourful – tangy and spicy at the same time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Rogan Josh : Good but not excellent. The mutton pieces were too chewy and the gravy was rich but slightly tangy due to overuse of tomatoes.

Lachha Parantha : Good and went well with the starters.


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Kebab Gali, Supermart 1, near DLF Galleria, Gurgaon

So Kebab Gali continues to scale new heights by launching more outlets. I have never been to any one of their outlets, though I ordered once from Malviya Nagar and found the food to be average. And just one order should not be the criteria to judge a whole franchise which has got famous for its yummy-to-the-core specialities.

What to say, I relished my short stay at this newly opened joint of Kebab Gali. Mughlai cuisine is one of my top favourites and I never ever leave a chance to not savour the delicacies a restaurant offers in this cuisine. So here is my take on the lovely items Kebab Gali offers :

Bharwa Aloo : Small roundels of potatoes enclosing a fine filling of peas and potatoes. The roundels were open from both sides and had a crispy crust and soft insides. They were sans salt and pretty average for me.

Masala Nimbu paani : Loved it! The tangy flavour of lemon and jal zeera and the added zing of soda made this a beauty. Very easy on the belly as well.


Veg Galouti : It tasted far from what a galouti tastes like. Made from lentils, it was okay in taste but hard in texture. The melt in the mouth feeling was not there at all. Guys, please use some raw papaya, it will definitely make this dish worth having.

Fish Tikka : The relief of eating a well made starter. The fish was moist, well laden with our Indian herbs and spices and grilled well. The slightly crispy exteriors made it for juicy interiors. The pungency of mustard can not be ruled out here. The salt content can be reduced here.

Dahi ke kebab : The masterpiece speciality of Kebab Gali. I savoured it for the first time and believe me, I was blown away by the balance of flavours here. The slightly crispy crust and the underlying softy creaminess of the kebabs, the sweetness of yoghurt balanced by the spiciness of the chopped green chillies – plethora of flavours. I could eat about ten of them without any dips. RECOMMENDED.

Paneer Tikka : Panner tikka has become a pretty boring dish and many outlets serve it raw and without any flavours. Innovation is needed here and Kebab Gali should be commended for dishing out food gasmic, yes guys, food gasmic Paneer Tikka. The exterior is well grilled and has a thin crispy layers and the insides are ohhh-so-soft. The cottage cheese cubes are smothered with the mixture of black pepper, grounded green chillies, chaat masala and ajwain. The earthy flavour of green chillies is quite prominent here and the occasional bite of ajwain adds an extra zing to it. RECOMMENDED.


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