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The Trial Box, DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon

I would have given them a 3.5 but since Zomato does not allow 0.5 ratings now, so sticking to 3. And this rating accounts for some below par dishes and a harrowing delivery experience.

The order came pretty late – one and a half hours after the stipulated time. Additionally there were no carry bags given – how am I supposed to carry loose cutlery set, dips and the meal boxes to my place? Add to this the spilling dips and sauces and you have a blunder.

Mushroom and asparagus hargao dimsums: The chewiness of freshly chopped mushrooms and the subtle crunchiness of asparagus, enclosed in warm dimsum covering will definitely entice the mushroom lovers and the vegetarians alike. The extra hot and spicy flavours are the icing on the cake.


Mushroom crystal dumplings: Ohhhhh man, such mellowness! Add to this, the wonderful watery and chewy texture of the button, shiitake and porcini mushroom – phew! The caramelised garlic on top – win win!


Spicy chicken dimsums: These flower shaped dimsums drenched in a sweet chilli sauce is meant foe those days when you are craving balanced flavours with a certain zing.


Reshmi dohra kebab: Frankly speaking, I am not impressed with this one. It is important to smoke the kebabs so that they do not taste raw.


Spinach and ricotta ravioli in white sauce: I always stress on seamlessness and this dish will definitely get full marks in the regard. Such a smooth mellow mixture of finely chopped spinach and ricotta enveloped in smooth ravioli and slathered in white sauce having the perfect consistency – neither runny nor viscous. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Vietnamese Noodle bowl: The goodness of a semi-raw meal with a sour and spicy sauce. (Talk about red chillies). The fine glass noodles, the fresh vegetables: carrots, zucchini, asparagus, bell peppers, pokchoy and shiitake mushrooms, the crunchy peanuts and of course the perfectly grilled chicken – flavourful yet healthy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Butter chicken meal: A wholesome north Indian meal is what we all desire when cooking seems tedious. So when you have a warm Naan, creamy butter chicken and Dal Makhani, soothing Raita, luscious fried rice and a warm dulcet chocolate brownie, you can’t say no, next time.


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The Delhi Palate Festival 2015

For a few years, Delhi NCR region has been witnessing many food festivals. This time, in 2015, the second edition of the Delhi Palate Festival was orgabised at PSOI, Chanakyapuri. Featuring many fancy restaurants, five star hotel chains and some recently launched food kiosks and bakeries, this festival was successful in attracting the food lovers of the Delhi NCR region.

I preferred to explore dishes here which I have never experienced before. The menu was a bit overpriced here which usually happens at all such festivals. I will list out the kiosks I visited here and the food served.

Market Café : I have visited their Khan market branch and was delighted to eat there. Keeping expectations, I decided to try their menu here. I ordered Chicken Satay skewers and they were served within five minutes. They were accompanied with a yoghurt dip. The chicken skewers were grilled chicken breasts pieces topped with a spicy red sauce and chopped spring onions. The name chilli sauce should be understated as it was nothing close to spicy. Moreover, the chicken pieces were not grilled well. The yoghurt dip was good though with the consistency of the dip being thick and creamy. It was sour and went well with skewers.

The Great Kebab Factory- I have never been to any of their outlets and was eager to try their kiosk here. Their kiosk was the most serene of all the kiosks at the festival. The white curtains were beautifully arranged with small décor pieces. Getting back to the food : I ordered the tangri chicken platter – three chicken tangri kebabs with a tandoori roti and dal makhani. The mint chutney served with the kebabs was one of the best I have had so far. The consistency was thick with the quantity of mint leaves being high lending it a tangy flavor. The green chillis added in it made it a bit spicy but bearable. The chicken pieces were grilled to perfection and were drenched in the spice mixture. The tandoori roti was chewy in texture and good to eat. The dal makhani was equally good.

Sartoria: I decided to order a take away from here for my family. The chicken lasagna and the vegetable pizza were attractive options so decided to order both. I was given a bag with the comments that this is my order but when I reached home, the bag had the lasagna and not the pizza. I got the number of the manager there from the Vasant Vihar branch of Sartoria. I talked to him and he decided to deliver the pizza to my address. By mistake, eight pizzas were sent instead of one and he stressed on giving them on the house to me. The pizzas had a thin crust and were a bit cold. The topping was not very delicious and the overall taste was bland. The lasagna was great with the rich creaminess of cheese making it more scrumptious. The red sauce and the vegetables – zuchhini, mushroom and the chicken were sautéed well and their individual flavours made the lasagna a heaven for Italian food lovers like me.

I also tried Salmon Sushi from a small kiosk whose name I don’t remember. The salmon slices were smooth in texture and the rice was crispy. My first experience with Sushi went well and I am eager to try more of them.