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Health Cafe, New Friends Colony, Delhi

Finally my ardent desire to visit the famed Hwealth Cafe has come to fruition. I am becoming health conscious day by day and I prefer not to feel guilty while eating out.

The vibrantly hued cafe will be a treat to your eyes with green interiors, potted plants, foosball table and ludo spread.

Strawberry blueberry shake: Slightly sweet, slightly sour, this pleasant tasting shake is a perfect healthy accompaniment to your salads.


Chocolate peanut butter shake: Forget healthy, I am more concerned about the decadence of this shake. The rich warm chocolate perfectly blends with the sweet salty peanut butter thereby giving a shake with a plethora of flavours.

Corn nachos with hummus, Peri Peri dip and pesto dip: The deafening crunch while you bite into this will keep you addicted and the freshly prepared dips won’t let you stop.


Pan tossed masala cottage cheese fingers: The usual cottage cheese is getting monotonous and the healthy versions available today are sometimes nauseatic. But the chefs at the Hwealth Cafe know perfectly well how to make paneer appetizing as well as healthy. The cottage cheese cuboids are lightly grilled and are topped with a subtle barbeque sauce with hints of black pepper providing the necessary zing.


Baked egg white in mushroom veloutte sauce: No yellows and hence, I do not gave to feel guilty about binging on my favourite food item. And that light creamy mushroom sauce with chopped pungent garlic compliments the grilled toast and egg white.


Mediterranean veggies wrap: This will be a heaven for vegetarians as the amount of sliced vegetables enclosed in whole wheat wraps or our humble roti as I would like to call is enough to fill your rumbling belly. The sauce used is hell spicy so watch out.


Spaghetti in spinach garlic sauce: Kudos to them for coming out with a healthy and innovative dish but this can be made better. The spinach sauce tastes way too bitter and mars the slurpy flavour of spaghetti by making it sticky.


Chicken breast in mushroom sauce with sauteed vegetables and brown rice: Perfectly grilled juicy chicken breast which oozes out the sauces while getting torn, cut apart or chewed upon is every foodie’s dream. And when this chicken is paired with soft brown rice with chopped vegetables and sauteed vegetables, my my you have a winner!


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The Healthy Rasoi, Qutab Plaza, DLF phase 1, Gurgaon

For a health conscious foodie/food blogger like me, calorie counted meals are a treat while eating out. And when a delivery outlet decides to serve calorie counted dishes prepared in olive oil, I cannot keep my hands or palate away.

Grillled chicken breast: Not so good. Too much of Italian seasoning mars the experience of digging into a juicy chicken breast. Additionally, this one got chewy and dry and the herbs had not penetrated to the insides.


Chicken seekh salad: My favourite kebabs re-invented in a healthy salad – now how cool is that? Finely chopped seekh kebabs in a medley of chopped cucumbers, beetroot, bell peppers, carrots and tomatoes drenched in a tangy and spicy dressing with hints of oregano – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Scrambled egg package: The potato mash and the scrambled eggs were pretty bland in taste though the texture was good. The package also consisted of boiled peas and French beans which were doused in tangy spices. RECOMMENDED.


Chicken Rara: Oh boy! Where to start? The chicken was perfectly mellow, the tomato based gravy rich and full of flavours and the whole ensemble goes so well with our humble roti. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


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Talli chicken, Sector 10, Dwarka, New Delhi

Sometimes, a name is all you require to get a hang of the place.
The brainchild of Sanchit Saxena, Talli chicken is there to win hearts and stay in for a long haul. Because the usual north Indian cuisine has atendency to get monotous, so these guys decided to experiment and explore with the existing flavours. The resultant dishes have baffled me and their names are there to coccupy your mind for a little while. So here are the items that I relished recently:
Yamla chicken tikka: Ever thought about the wonderful magic of ajwain or carom seeds on our usual chicken? This restaurant actually experimented with carom and the result is phenomenal! A strong aroma of ajwain engulfs you when you relish this appetizer. Add to this experience the smokiness of the chicken pieces, the earthy flavours of coriander and green chillies and the tanginess of yoghurt and are you in for a roll. However, the chicken pieces were dry and therefore difficult to eat.

Teekhu chicken: My low tolerance to spices is well known. So when I decided to try this snack, I was a bit hesitant. I specially ordered their wonderful home made dip so as not to hurt my taste buds. But I was pleasantly surprised to not experience any shocking scoville while relishing this. The thicker green chillies has been stripped of their flakes and hence the exploding chilly factor associated and were filled with a very fine mixture chicken minceand onions and fried in a chick pea batter. The thin skin of the chillies did impart a significant earthy spiciness but it was tolerable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Paneer ke ande: Renaming the “Nargisi kofte” to what they should be actually called is never a bad idea. The soft balls made from a fine cottage cheese mince including the egg yolk in its core and doused in a spicy rich gravy is a combination few you shall be able to resist. The kofte are so soft and deliciously melt in the mouth with ahigh level of porosity. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


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