How I survived a day in Paris and that too, alone.

Paris, the fashion capital, the epicentre of “Liberty, Equality & Fraternity” and whose streets are filled with aroma of freshly baked French delicacies, was always on my must travel list. Parisian fashion, French cuisine and way of life are some of favourite pins on Pinterest. So when I had planned for my business travel to…

Travel musings – Essen

You will want to spend some minutes of solitude at such trails Grugapark Essen, Germany. The lush greenery is located right in the city of Essen.  

Travel musings – Wuppertal

At a real life castle 🏰! Burg Castle, located in Solingen near Wuppertal, Germany is a medieval age castle with its own bloody history. The longitudinal balcony (where I am standing) reminds me of the favourite viewing area of Starks in #got

Travel musings – Essen, Germany

Spotted these lovelies at the Grugapark in Essen. It is a biodiversity park housing the most vibrant flower plants which will leave you mesmerised. 

Travel musings – Essen, Germany

The lush greenery is finally here after the incessant rains. Meanwhile I’m reminded of the vibrant greens at Grugapark- a biodiversity park in Essen, Germany.