Travel musings – Jaswant Thada, Jodhpur

Jaswant Thada at Jodhpur offers serene gardens to sit and relax under the desert sun.

Indian Independence Day

The tricolour might be a bit distorted in this image but the idea remains the same behind each Independence Day celebration. Let us not take our freedom for granted. The privileges we are currently enjoying came after a long fought struggle of the masses. Our culture, cuisine, natural environment & beauty, practices and of course…

Travel musings – Jaswant Thada

So he will come to you When you are laughing raucously Least aware of his lingering looks And eyes that refuse to leave your presence.

Simplicity at its best – Jodhpur!

Before the sun unleashes hell upon us North Indians and before the sweaty ambience of monsoon takes over us, it is always advisable to visit the many towns of Rajasthan and enjoy the Rajput culture there. Jodhpur is one place which you can easily cover on a weekend with no extra holidays to think about….