Travel musings – Kareri Lake Trek

Our campsite 🏕 during the Kareri Lake Trek. It was a small even site and one had to traverse a steep snow laden ascent to reach it. Could not have been more adventurous.

Travel musings – Kareri Lake

We trekked in this amount of snow, where the trail was under 4-5 feet deep snow and when there was a heavy snowstorm approaching us. Too bad we didn’t reach the lake, but we gained a valuable experience.

The peak that could not be scaled – Kareri Lake trek.

Himachal, the abode of numerous mountainous treks and meadowish landscapes is finally back on my travel list. And the trek I chose this time was a tough one – the Kareri Lake. I wanted to challenge myself this time so decided to go for a three day trek with patches of snow here and there….