Travel musings – Karkotak peak

Hard work pays. And sometimes, that payment comes in the form of a spectacular view.

Travel musings – Karkotak peak

I climb the mountains to get away from insanity Oh, I climb them to forget myself To lose my essence To be borne And reborn again.

Travel haiku – Karkotak peak trek

These withered trails And the shrivelled 🍂 leaves Must be blossoming in the rains But how would I know Because the mountains are far away Far far away

Digital Detox Retreat in the lap of Himalayas

First of all, thank you to the very talented and resourceful organizers at The Transforming Travels for organizing this unique experience in the midst of nature. Chandni Aggarwal and Mihir Panda, you people deserve a salute! So how about a calming trip with least use of your digital devices, comfortable stay at a colonial bungalow…