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Travel musings – Corn Village

And I am finally blooming
In the colours of spring.


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Young maiden so full of life
Why bother about that
Man in strife
Give him positive vibes
And let him go

And he will come to you
When you are least aware
Staring at the whites of the fluffy skies
Dispersing in the blues

Stop yourself from caring too much
His life belongs to him
And yours to you

So he will come to you
When you are laughing raucously
Least aware of his lingering looks
And eyes that refuse to leave your presence

Build your enchanting world
Around yourself
With least care
For his judgments
And his cares

But he will come to you
When you are yourself
Abandoning your poise
And drenched in wild abandon

And he is there
When you have forgotten him
Forgotten your yearnings for him
Forgotten your love for him

There, there
He is laughing
He is smiling
Welcoming you with open arms
And an open heart

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Your smile – II

Blushing away anxiously
Tripping on my coffee
On our first date
You made me smile

Laughing hysterically
On my lame puns
While teasing me
About my eccentricities
You made me smile

Quietly watching you
Playing with the parrots
Swirling your stole
Around the bougainvilleas
My heart smiled

Flaring with life
You made me smile
Your ceaseless passion
Made me beam
In success and in failure
We twinkled

And now, while I lie motionless
Speechlessly glimpsing you
In my last moments
You continue to make me smile

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Will you?

You and I
We have seen enough sun rises alone
Welcoming the days with our

So will you see the sun sets with me?
When the orange ball
Turns a glorious red
And fades away a lovely day.

My cloister equals yours
My mind is in you heart
And your heart in my mind

So will you be the ocean
To my rivers and waterfalls
Gently absorbing me
Into another universe
And allowing me to consume you
Into my world

We have been alone
For far too
Too long

So will you climb those mountains with me?
That reside in mother nature
And in our minds..

Our souls are fashioned
Out of the same stardust
And the same emptiness
Resides in our hearts

So will you fill my desolation
With your kindness
And allow me to fill yours
With my happiness

And when this companionship
Over burdens us
Will you go for a temporary recluse?
And let me enjoy my own presence

And when this distance
Overwhelms us
Will you build a life with me?
And enable me to forge this world with you.

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Double – Whammy

Hiding your passion

You think you are clever

In fooling everyone

But not me.


Those tensed lines on your forehead

And the mindless scratching of your brows

Recite a different tale.


You roll your head

You flicker your eyes

Becoming bigger when you get astonished


I gaze at you

While you look the other way

Admiring your beauty

When you are least aware


Afraid I become when you peer into my eyes

And can gauge my world

Which resides in your heart


You know not about this secret admirer

Who waits to see your raucous laughter

Your infectious positivity baffles my inner demons

Letting me believe in life again


But another maiden waits for me back home

I love her but I am falling for you

For how long can I pretend?

This mind is with her but heart

Oh my dear wild heart…

It is slowly drifting towards you