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Forestta, Sector 54, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

So finally there is a café in Gurgaon which is located in the premium location of Golf Course Road and which is not a water hole unlike the proliferating restaurants here.
Forestta deserves a special mention for being a place where you can sit quietly with your friends and family, enjoy their collection of best selling books, play snooker or relish Karoake on Thursday nights. It is a no go place for alcohol lovers and kid friendly too.
Wooden interiors and vibrant ambience with a touch of greenery welcome you as you sail aboard this place. The menu is varied and is optimally priced. Here are a few items that I recently binged upon:
Mango Smoothie: Made from real alphonso mangoes with no added flavours, this one is a must try for smoothie lovers.

Veg kebab platter: A well grilled paneer tikka, crispy tandoori broccoli drenched in spices, juicy mushrooms and mellow poatatoes filled with a peppery filling – vegetarians, you have a profound reason to visit this place.

Non veg platter: Fish Tikka which does not disintegrate easily and is soft to the core, mouth gasmic chicken tikka which is extra mellow, firm yet juicy mutton seekh kebab and spicy and tangy tandoori chicken – it is difficult to stop yourselves if you are a hardcore non vegetarian.

Afghani Tandoori momos: As of the usual Tandoori momos were not enough! With a chewy exterior and mushy interiors slathered in a sticky creamy sauce, you are bound to get surprise.

Vegetarian spring rolls: A defined crunch sounds awakens your senses as you bite into this blissful piece of sheer culinary magic.


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Majnu Ka Tilla, Sushant Lok, Gurgaon

There are very few places specialising in Mughlai cuisine which are able to dish out a decent meal, forget about bringing their innovation to the table. The usual tikkas and kebabs sometimes get boring and creative energy in culinary arts is the rule of the day. Majnu ka Tilla has excelled on both the frontiers.

Without much ado, I would straightaway move forward to the loebly spread that was sent to me a few days back:

Chicken Tangri Kebab: Why in the name of God did I taste this? I have always been drawn towards the salivating Tangri Kebabs and these stuffed ones in thick sticky gravy just set a new bar for my taste buds. The stuffing of finely minced chicken with a juicy exterior of the leg piece drenched in yoghurt based gravy and the occasional green chillies will leave you yearning for more. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Achaari Paneer Tikka: Tangy and spicy – wohoooo! The smoked cottage cheese pieces and the red, yellow and green bell peppers were smoked to perfection in the tangy and peppery batter. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Majnu Special Afghani Chicken: The reason these guys call some of their dishes as special is because they use gravy in these appetizers. The tikka was perfectly smoked, succulent and drenched in a lovely gravy of yoghurt, green chillies and coriander flavoured with chaat masala . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Chicken Tikka: Again gravy based with tender boneless chicken pieces spreading the warmth in your mouth as well as stomach. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Paneer Lababdar: Vegetarians, you have to binge on this one. Thick and sliky gravy with the occasional bite of cumin seeds and a prominent flavour of the onion tomato mixture goes so well with every Indian bread that you can think of. And the paneer – top notch! They also use a secret ingredient in their preparation which I am of course forbidden to reveal. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


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Ardor 2.1, Connaught Place, New Delhi

With the health fad catching up with us, can the restaurants be far behind? And a special festival to showcase new dishes created in a healthy way with organic cocktails and mocktails is surely the icing on the cake.

The Flaming Pizza and Kebab festival took place from the 1st to the 15th of August at Ardor 2.1, situated in the outer circle of N block in C.P. Regal, colonial interiors, British architecture and impeccable service welcomes you as you take a look at this place. Talking about food, here is the vegetarian menu for the festival:

Paneer mirchi ki seekh: These melt in the mouth beauties fashioned out of a fine mixture of yoghurt and minced cottage cheese and tempered on skewers is a must try new appetizer for the vegetarians. Though I wish the quantity of the green chillies could have been greater to balance the sweetness. RECOMMENDED.


Achaari Kumbh: Another heavenly dish for the mushroom lovers. Two huge juicy and smoked mushrooms slathered with pickle like spice mixture sandwiching a lovely filling of minced paneer and mushrooms with onions, garlic, sesame seeds and spices – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Paneer tikka Ajwaini: When we recommend Paneer Tikka from a place, you have to trust our judgement. Because an ordinary paneer tikka fails to pleases us. This one was however spot on – slightly smoky and crusty exterior and soft from inside with the flavour of ajwain or carrom seeds or ajwain bursting out.


Punjabi Soya Chaap: Excellently done with chewy exterior and mellow insides. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Grilled Veggie Inslata Pizza Flambe with Old Monk: Ahhh, so this is the flaming pizza on which the ongoing festival is named. Firstly, the pizza is overloaded with fresh vegetables which maintain their essence – juicy yellow and green zucchini, chewy broccoli, crunchy baby corn and green bell pepper on a bed of warm mozzarella. Secondly, the top portion is flamed with old monk which in a way smoulders the vegetables and the cheese. The resultant has a slightly bitter taste of old monk but nonetheless appetizing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


But if you are not used to the bitterness of the alcohol, then you might not like it. If higher grades of smooth rum or whiskey are used, then a balance can be achieved.

Organic watermelon LIIT: Our same old lethal LIIT concocted with fresh pulpy watermelon juice and served in a watermelon with a side tap – stuff of a fantasy land but a reality now! No added flavours or enhancers, just pure natural fruit juice mixed with rum, gin, tequila, vodka and whiskey. RECOMMENDED.


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F’muse, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

Food to amuse or F’muse, located at the bustling Golf Course Road, Gurgaon is yet another entrant to the rising crew of delivery outlets in Gurgaon. The food is definitely amusing to your taste buds and here are a few items that I recently savoured:

Paneer tikka: Prominent tanginess of pickle like taste with exploding flavours and dollops of spices, this one is a must try. But slight saltiness and absence of smokiness on the paneer make it a tad incomplete. RECOMMENDED.


Garlic chicken: Good but dry.


Mataki chicken: I am short of words to describe this one. It is their speciality and after hogging on it, you will know why. Succulent chicken pieces drenched in a thick, oil soaked gravy of the finest juliennes of onions, garlic and chopped tomatoes with very unusual flavours – extraordinary is a very small word for this one. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Paneer Lababdar: A smooth gravy but slightly tangy and heavy on spices with well cooked paneer cubes. RECOMMENDED.

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Chawla’s Tandoori Junction, Defence Colony

Family based restaurants serving lip smacking north Indian dishes are difficult to find these days. And this is where Chawla’s Tandoori Junction comes into play.

A twenty years old restaurant which started at Karkardooma and has now spread to Noida and Defence Colony, Chawla’s should be on your go to list for those delicious family outings and here are the reasons why:

Paneer Tikka: Tanginess and an unusual smokiness define this common vegetarian appetizer.


Kastoori chicken: Firm and chewy boneless chicken pieces drenched in subtle spices and smoked to perfection, with a lovely balance of flavours – I could not keep my hands off from this one.


Dahi ke sholey: A vegetarian dish which is cathcinh up with all of us. The one served here is flaky and crispy from outside with not too many layers and soft and sweet from inside – the reduced yoghurt is ohh-so-smooth!


Kalmi Kebab: Any kebab slathered with cream or yoghurt is always enticing for me! This one was heavenly soft, so damn succulent that the chicken falls out of the legpiece, creamy and had fresh coriander leaves to provide a different level of decadency.


Chicken Tandoori momos: A balanced chewiness coupled with the a slight peppery flavour awaits your palate when you savour this.

Handi chicken: Rich and creamy gravy with the aroma of green cardomam and the tender chicken pieces and an unusual spice level – recommended.


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Kake da Hotel, Golf Course road, Gurgaon

The famed Kake da Hotel has opened its doors to the residents of Golf Course Road and we could not be happier. Hearsay has it that their dishes are a class apart and I was lucky to taste their earthy lip smacking dishes. So here are a few of them:
Chicken Kali Mirch: Spicy and tangy, this lip smacking appetizer is there to win your hearts. The typical burning sensation of black pepper compliments the peppery flavour in addition to the succulency of the chicken pieces. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Chicken Burra: Just one bite and I fell short of words to describe it. Such delicate juiciness is difficult to find these days in restaurant prepared dishes. This was again tangy and quite spicy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Paneer Tikka: Not smoked or grilled properly, a but sour due to hot weather and devoid of salt.

Daal makhani: Tasted just like the one made at home, with no extra cream. It was flavourful – you can actually get the taste of fresh garam masala in it and each and every morsel with the roti gives a complex set of flavours. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Butter chicken: I am amazed by the selection of chicken pieces. Unlike many other restaurants which are driven more by profit than quality, Kake da hotel provides huge and good quality chicken pieces with enough meat in them. There are no smaller portions or even a neck in their selections and this emphasis on the quality is commendable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Lachha Parantha: It was smoky and a bit burnt.

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Kebab Gali, Supermart 1, near DLF Galleria, Gurgaon

So Kebab Gali continues to scale new heights by launching more outlets. I have never been to any one of their outlets, though I ordered once from Malviya Nagar and found the food to be average. And just one order should not be the criteria to judge a whole franchise which has got famous for its yummy-to-the-core specialities.

What to say, I relished my short stay at this newly opened joint of Kebab Gali. Mughlai cuisine is one of my top favourites and I never ever leave a chance to not savour the delicacies a restaurant offers in this cuisine. So here is my take on the lovely items Kebab Gali offers :

Bharwa Aloo : Small roundels of potatoes enclosing a fine filling of peas and potatoes. The roundels were open from both sides and had a crispy crust and soft insides. They were sans salt and pretty average for me.

Masala Nimbu paani : Loved it! The tangy flavour of lemon and jal zeera and the added zing of soda made this a beauty. Very easy on the belly as well.


Veg Galouti : It tasted far from what a galouti tastes like. Made from lentils, it was okay in taste but hard in texture. The melt in the mouth feeling was not there at all. Guys, please use some raw papaya, it will definitely make this dish worth having.

Fish Tikka : The relief of eating a well made starter. The fish was moist, well laden with our Indian herbs and spices and grilled well. The slightly crispy exteriors made it for juicy interiors. The pungency of mustard can not be ruled out here. The salt content can be reduced here.

Dahi ke kebab : The masterpiece speciality of Kebab Gali. I savoured it for the first time and believe me, I was blown away by the balance of flavours here. The slightly crispy crust and the underlying softy creaminess of the kebabs, the sweetness of yoghurt balanced by the spiciness of the chopped green chillies – plethora of flavours. I could eat about ten of them without any dips. RECOMMENDED.

Paneer Tikka : Panner tikka has become a pretty boring dish and many outlets serve it raw and without any flavours. Innovation is needed here and Kebab Gali should be commended for dishing out food gasmic, yes guys, food gasmic Paneer Tikka. The exterior is well grilled and has a thin crispy layers and the insides are ohhh-so-soft. The cottage cheese cubes are smothered with the mixture of black pepper, grounded green chillies, chaat masala and ajwain. The earthy flavour of green chillies is quite prominent here and the occasional bite of ajwain adds an extra zing to it. RECOMMENDED.


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