The twists and turns Of the country roads Beckon the traveller The wanderer in countless souls A left turn here Or a right one there For every turn Brings a new light The swaying trees And the wide highways Can not help watching the world Go past by The narrow hilly road Or the rickety…

Travel musings – Mussoorie

Flaring with life You made me smile Your ceaseless passion Made me beam In success and in failure We twinkled And now, while I lie motionless Speechlessly glimpsing you In my last moments You continue to make me smile.

Travel musings – Dehradun

Laughing hysterically On my lame puns While teasing me About my eccentricities You made me smile Quietly watching you Playing with the parrots Swirling your stole Around the bougainvilleas My heart smiled.

Travel musings – Karkotak peak

I climb the mountains to get away from insanity Oh, I climb them to forget myself To lose my essence To be borne And reborn again.

Travel musings – Maphlang Sacred Grove

Watching me scold our kids With motherly rants You continued smiling In those torrential brawls When I cried You eventually smiled And now as I watch you die Barely able to hold yourself You continue to smile Leaving me in oblivion.

Day by day Night by night My tantrums grew Your enchanting smile Extenguished them away.