Travel musings – Shillong

The vibrancy does come After a harsh summer.  

Travel musings – Shillong

Why go to Scotland or the British Isles, when you can relish this view of the British pines🌲 at Shillong?

Travel musings – Shillong

So the route to Dawki i.e. the India Bangladesh border is full of such small springs through which the fresh water finds its way to the Bay of Bengal. And you won’t get late if you just stop by, get clicked and marvel at the beauty around you.  


The twists and turns Of the country roads Beckon the traveller The wanderer in countless souls A left turn here Or a right one there For every turn Brings a new light The swaying trees And the wide highways Can not help watching the world Go past by The narrow hilly road Or the rickety…

First sojourn in the North-East India

We yearn for the mesmerising landscapes of Scotland and Europe which are sans the human presence and reflect the nature in its pristine glory. But do we ever wonder that similar geographical escapades are very much present in our country as well, we only have to seek them to relish them. Time and again, I…

Travelogue – Tirthan valley, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India

Nestled amongst the mighty Dhauladhars and the fierce Tirthan river, this enticing valley should be on your wish list if you adore mountains. I was fortunate enough to visit this beautiful place on a team outing and our stay was at the Camp Chrysalid, Tirthan, which is at the edge of the Great Himalayan National…