Travel musings – Shillong

Why go to Scotland or the British Isles, when you can relish this view of the British pines🌲 at Shillong?

Travel musings – Shillong

So the route to Dawki i.e. the India Bangladesh border is full of such small springs through which the fresh water finds its way to the Bay of Bengal. And you won’t get late if you just stop by, get clicked and marvel at the beauty around you.  

Travel musings – Maphlang Sacred Grove

Watching me scold our kids With motherly rants You continued smiling In those torrential brawls When I cried You eventually smiled And now as I watch you die Barely able to hold yourself You continue to smile Leaving me in oblivion.

Travel musings – Laitlum Canyon

You can hide from the wonders of nature The same way you can not keep yourself away from love And when you finally learn this truth, forget not to bask in this wonderful glory!

Day by day Night by night My tantrums grew Your enchanting smile Extenguished them away.

Travel musings – Shillong

Was lost in someone else’s world Wading through those dreary doldrums Yet you always held my hand Your heart never forgot my essence.