Travel musings – Kareri Lake Trek

Our campsite 🏕 during the Kareri Lake Trek. It was a small even site and one had to traverse a steep snow laden ascent to reach it. Could not have been more adventurous.

Travel musings – Kareri Lake Trek

Kareri Lake Trek is one of the toughest treks of my life. Not because of the fact that I didn’t complete it. But because the live snowfall made it taxing. Not to forget that I slipped quite a few times and got myself stuck in 4-5 feet deep snow.

Travel musings – Kareri Lake

We trekked in this amount of snow, where the trail was under 4-5 feet deep snow and when there was a heavy snowstorm approaching us. Too bad we didn’t reach the lake, but we gained a valuable experience.

The peak that could not be scaled – Kareri Lake trek.

Himachal, the abode of numerous mountainous treks and meadowish landscapes is finally back on my travel list. And the trek I chose this time was a tough one – the Kareri Lake. I wanted to challenge myself this time so decided to go for a three day trek with patches of snow here and there….

Travel Musings – Nag Tibba

And what a life this ageless tree has Waiting for the snow to freeze it’s exterior Awaiting the blazing sun to nourish it’s swaying leaves Waiting for the trekkers for solitary pictures And ultimately waiting for death for decades.

Travel musings

And what a trek 🏞️🗻🏔️ will it be if the mighty conifers 🌲 are not there to sooth us in their shade?

Travel haiku – Nag Tibba

So what stops you From hiking these mountains ⛰️ Inside you and outside here Conquer your mind Your heart 💓 And eventualy these mountains.