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Drinksbreak, Model Town 2, New Delhi

If ever there was an outlet which hustled and bustled with customers even in the middle of the day on a scorching day in Delhi, it is Drinksbreak. Students and adults alike were thronging this place while I was busy deciding what to binge on and what to leave. At the end of a 15 minutes deep thinking activity, I zeroed in on the following:

Blueberry Waffles: A crunchy waffle topped with a smooth cream and fresh blueberry syrup – can we ask for more? The waffle was moderately sweet, not too chewy, the cream had fine consistency and texture and the presence of real blueberries in the syrup made our day. It could have been slightly lighter though. RECOMMENDED.


Strawberry Waffles: Very similar to the blueberry waffles with real strawberries in the syrup – strawberry lovers, you finally have some nice waffles to look forward to. RECOMMENDED.


Watermelon mojito: The freshness of lemon and mint leaves combined with the slight sweetness of watermelon and the extra punch of soda – we definitely have a winner here. I was able to wash down those decadent waffles with this one. RECOMMENDED.


Pizza fries: When the goodness of the pizza topping is coupled with the crispiness of the French fries – our next snack item is ready. The presence of warm runny cheese with black olives, chopped green capsicum and sweet corn kernels will make you feel nostalgic about your humble vegetarian pizza. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Loaded Nachos: If only ever other outlet prepared nachos in such a way, because these nachos are actually loaded with cheese, bell peppers, olives and sweet corn kernels in addition to a spicy mixture of onion and garlic. The next sought after snack item? Why not? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


The outlet is a takeaway joint and you have to stand in a constricted space if you want to eat there, but no complaints because of the wonderful dishes served here. The staff is hard working, considering how crowded it gets in the evening.

Recommendation: Steel cutlery because it is difficult to cut a heavy waffle with a plastic fork and knife.

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Smoothie Factory, SDA, New Delhi

They call themselves the “juice bar” and I would definitely agree with them because of the myriad juices and smoothies present in their menu. Apart from these drinks packed with super foods, they have toasties, focaccias, waffles and salads to fill your stomach while you take a smoothie break.

I recently visited this outlet and it is a small joint run by hard working personnel who know their dishes well. The smoothies and the juices are freshly made and presented to you in no time. Moving on to the items I relished, here are my views on them:

Mushroom and pesto toasty : Lightly toasted multi grain bread topped with pesto dip, cheese and mushrooms can be a definite foodgasmic affaire but here, I was a bit dissapointed. Some toasts had a huge quanity of mushrooms and some others just had one or two, so consistency is missing here. Pesto sauce used here tasted a bit raw and the quality of cheese was pathetic – crumbly and not gooey. Salt and more herbs required.

Classic waffles with maple syrup and vanilla ice cream : The bets part about this dish is that it available in half and full options. And the half plate is enough for a person. The waffles were crunchy but a bit burnt on the top. They were optimally sweet and the maple syrup complemented them well.

Greek salad : The presentation of this dish is average and can be improved. The lettuce leaves were not cut to a size which can be eaten with a plastic fork, the crunchiness and the freshness of the vegetables was missing.

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