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Hale and Hearty, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

With the advent of modern age, processed food items are a regular thing now. Majority of us aren’t even aware that the myriad sort of allergies and diseases cropping up these days are a combined result of processed food and all the toxins that we are slowly absorbing into our system.

Hale and Heart is a very different concept cafe started by Shivani and Mani. They want to spread awareness about the wrong culinary choices that we are making and through their healthy and organic food menu, they wish to inculcate the habit of opting for freshly prepared meals which has the least amount of artificial flavours, chemicals and toxins in it.

All their breads are locally sourced from a French couple, all sauces made in house every morning, dairy products come from a local organic farm, herbal teas sourced from a curator in Dehradun and cheese are non processed. They are using honey and jaggery in their desserts and granola bars. And trust me, if you eat their granola, you won’t be asking anything for the next few bars.

Melon Feta: A salad which is first feasted through your eyes! Freshly and juicy scooped balls of musk & water melon, arugula, edible pansies and creamy feta cheese topped with pickled ginger – all the flavours bursting on your palate. Highly recommended.


Vietnamese glass noodles salad: Again a cold salad with the finest crunchy glass noodles, perfectly julienned vegetables drenched in the garlic soy dressing and topped with a generous dosage of sesame seeds and peanuts. Highly recommended.


Avocado Chorizo: Oh my! The creamy guacamole spread on a soft toast with crunchy periphery and topped with crispy pork chorizo bits and luscious goat cheese – a maelstrom of mouth gasmic flavours. Highly recommended.

Green Goddess Sandwich: A jolly good sandwich after a long time! A multi grain sandwich enclosing boiled chicken, crunchy lettuce & spinach imparting bitter flavour and avocado & pesto providing the necessary punch. One won’t be enough. Highly recommended.

Hummus bowl with Sumac Za’tar grilled chicken: A whole meal in itself! The hummus is the freakiest I have ever had as it has tahini mixed with it. The grilled chicken is topped in Za’tar spices thus rendering it tangy and spicy. Highly recommended.


Whole wheat brownie with Nutella: The brownie is grainy and is fashioned from whole wheat instead of refined flour. The Nutella topping is gooey as expected and a wonderful addition.


Feel good smoothie bowl: Their smoothie bowls are hugely humongous! I mean a dense yet light bed of strawberry, blueberry and raspberry yogurt smoothie topped with granola, fresh fruits and all sorts of seeds. As pointed by the owners, a complete meal in itself.


It is commendable what these ladies are trying to achieve. I, myself, am getting conscious about my food choices and it feels good to meet such like minded individuals who want to spread awareness through their work before it is too late.

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Naya, Anya Hotel, Gurgaon

Naya, the multi cuisine restaurant at Anya Hotel, Gurgaon believes in serving a plethora of dishes – a menu with over 70 dishes to boast and an ambience to relax and enjoy.

Naya has been more known for office get togethers and parties but they are slowly welcoming private functions and families as well. They have a sports area where you can play table tennis and home joy your meal at the same time.

Moksha: Full marks to the presentation – the chuski is coated with pomegranate & guava juice, aam panna and chaat masala and served in Martini glass – so that when the chuski melts, you get to taste the fresh sweet and tangy mocktail.

Mezze platter: The fine but grainy hummus, the creamy tzaziki & babaganoush, the slightly crunchy Fatoush, the bitter grainy pesto hummus perfectly compliment the airy & fluffy pita bread, sesame coated crunchy Lavash, crispy Falafel, juicy Za’atar chicken and soft Fish tuk made this a complete lip smacking meal.


Prawn wanton soup: A very light sour soup with the goodness of luscious prawn dumplings.


Crispy Tofu in Teriyaki sauce Asian greens: The tofu is definitely crispy but could have been mellow from inside.


Miso Soy Chicken in Teriyaki sauce: Ahhh the sweet and sour medley of Teriyaki sauce with black pepper is enchanting. The chicken could have been juicier though.


Chicken & Bacon Caesar Salad: The lettuce & the iceberg lettuce are definitely crunchy with tender chicken bits and crispy bacon strips. The light creamy texture is an add on.


Chicken Tikka Pizza Handmade Pizza: The thin crust is so darn good with the high quality warm cheese giving the extra oomph factor. But let’s not forget the succulent chicken cubes in all their glory.


Pepperoni Pizza: You know you are going to experience food gasm when pepperoni comes loaded in gooey cheese on a thin crust.

Sweet corn handmade pizza: Simplicity at its best!


River sole Parmigiana: The sole is grilled to perfection with a cheese crust on top and served on a bed of creamy lemon & capers risotto – could not have been so good!


Hakka noodles with tofu in black bean sauce and Kung Pao Chicken: The noodles are of a very fine variety and the Kung Pao chicken is so flavourful! The chicken cubes are luscious and served in a sticky gravy of onion-garlic-bell peppers along with crunchy peanuts. 


Tofu tastes slightly sour because it is drenched in black bean sauce.

Chocolate Decadence: A gluten free, soft, gooey and ultra sinful dark chocolate cake with a mousse like texture – I actually finished this in one go.


Apple and berry linzer torte: A type of meshed pie with warm tones and enclosing chopped apples and juicy berries. The flavour of cinnamon is very well pronounced here.


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Laidback Cafe, M block market, Greater Kailash 2, New Delhi

Laidback café by the World of Shalom should be on your list if you want to experience authentic Mediterranean/Lebanese dishes with a comfortable ambience. The menu is extensive, though, covering continental as well as Asian dishes in which the restaurant excels as well. I had an unforgettable experience at this place and here are a few dishes that I tasted:

Non veg mezze platter: First, you dig into the succulent Zata’ar chicken which has a very thin crusty exterior and the lovely taste of tangy Zata’ar spices. Second, you bite the meat fatayar which is a fried fluffy envelope of finely minced lamb – the aroma of Mediterranean spices is extremely inviting. Third, you gorge upon the juicy chicken wings and get your hands dirty in the spicy tangy mixture. Fourth, the fine textured hummus, the creamy babaganoush, the healthy tabbouleh and the sour cacic go well with the meaty dishes. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Shish Touk – If bulky boneless pieces with the characteristic tanginess could be this soft is hard to believe. The well grilled capsicum and tomatoes have imparted their juiciness to the chicken and when the skewers are served with  sour salad of perfectly julienned bell peppers, onions, cabbage and tomatoes. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Rubiyan Mishwi: Pan seared prawns in garlic butter sauce is every sea food lover’s dream appetizer. But when those prawns have a creamy melt in the mouth texture with no foul aroma, you can not stop your self at just one. Coupled with a light onion, tomato and bell pepper salad with an occasional bite of chopped garlic, this dish is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Grilled salmon in Buerre blanc sauce: One bite will not be enough, trust me! The salmon is grilled to perfection with chewy interiors and slightly crusty exterior and topped with a white whine and butter based Buerre Blanc sauce which has a creamy texture and moderate consistency. And let us not forget the smoothest potato mash with aptly grilled vegetables drenched in a light tangy dressing with the European herbs and you have a winner of a dish. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Tiramisu: The perfect tiramisu gone slightly haywire because of the excess use of coffee powder on the top which lent a slightly butter flavour to the ensemble. RECOMMENDED.


Blueberry cheesecake: The best cheesecake till date! This was not baked which was an added bonus because the soft chocolate base complimented the utterly mellow cheesecake with embedded blueberries. And the icing on the cake was the blueberry sauce with real mashed blueberries adorning the top. Why did I finish this? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


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