Travel Haiku – Sahastradhara

My cloister equals yoursMy mind is in you heartAnd your heart in my mind So will you be the oceanTo my rivers and waterfallsGently absorbing meInto another universeAnd allowing me to consume youInto my world.

Travel Haiku – Laitlum, Meghalaya

Watching me scold our kidsWith motherly rantsYou continued smiling In those torrential brawlsWhen I criedYou eventually smiled And now as I watch you dieBarely able to hold yourselfYou continue to smileLeaving me in oblivion Caption taken from my poem “Your Smile – I”

Rava Appe Recipe

Cooking Time: 20 mins ⏰ Ingredients 1 cup sooji 1/4 cup curd 1 pinch baking soda Salt 1 medium finely chopped carrot 🥕 4-5 finely chopped beans Oil Steps: Take sooji in a bowl and add curd Add some water to prepare a smooth mixture. Ensure that the mixture is of thick consistency only Leave…

Mc Donald’s, Dwarka, Delhi

There is a saying among the foodies of Delhi that howsoever fancy dishes you might have, the tummy gets the ultimate satisfaction from a Mc Donald’s burger only. Covid induces pandemic is indeed a troubling time and specially for those of us who are away from loved ones and yearn to hug them. Keeping the…

Breakfast Diaries

Finally perfecting the #pestosauce recipe! Presenting #farfalle in #pesto