Travel haiku – Meghalaya, India

The mad twittering of magpiesWith their monochrome bosomsOh what a spectacle!To behold for many births So forget notAbout this miracle called life.

Hope musings

First plant the garden in your mind. And then see it growing outside.

Pandemic life musings I

Maybe at this time, we can seek the brightness within.Who knows the outer vibrancy might come to us soon!

Hope for future

We will bask in such views again,But first we have to wade throughThese murky waters of pandemicLearn from the previous wavesAnd take all safety precautions.

Wine tasting & Iron Man

Last summer, I finally got to open the seductive looking bottle of La Rioja, a Spanish wine that I brought from Düsseldorf airport duty free. I had expected La Rioja to be a sweet tasting wine but it was weirdly not sweet although I wouldn’t call it bitter. I paired it with cheese, pasta and…