Women’s Day musings

For years, I have felt that if women are to be deemed equal to men, we shouldn’t ask for special rights or privileges. I feel the same about Women’s Day too. Why a special day for us and why not the same gusto for Men’s day too? Yes, I agree that we have been oppressed…

Travel musings – Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

हवाहवा हूँ, हवा मैंबसंती हवा हूँ।सुनो बात मेरी –अनोखी हवा हूँ।बड़ी बावली हूँ,बड़ी मस्तमौला Caption taken from Basanti Hawa by Kedarnath Aggarwal

Travel musings – Uttarakhand, India

Our souls are fashionedOut of the same stardustAnd the same emptinessResides in our hearts So will you fill my desolationWith your kindnessAnd allow me to fill yoursWith my happiness.