Vodka tales – dedicated to Prarthana

I’ll not shy away from vodka I’ll have it in your memory I’ll drink it to your memories Because you live strong in my memories Wherever you are!

Ageing walls

The walls will turn more rusticThe designs will fade awayThe colours won’t last that longBut these memoriesOnly these memories shall remain! Major throwback to my travel escapade to City Palace, Jaipur.

Book review – book 6 of the Throne of Glass series – Tower of Dawn

Chaol Westfall and Nesryn Faliq go on an adventure come healing journey come request for the Southern continent to support against Erawan, in this book. Technically speaking, this book and Empire of Storms go hand-in-hand as the events occurring on the northern continent are elaborated in the latter. I decided to read the two together…

Book review – Winter’s Heart – book 9 of the Wheel of Time series

The most anticipated reunion of all the time happens in this book with a few fireworks and three related characters getting hilarious headaches. The daughter-heir plays the Daes Dae’mar (Game of Houses) really well while dealing with the factions in her kingdom and the rulers outside of Andor. Golden-eyes forms an alliance with a nuisance…

Spring sprung!

The blossoms swayIn the spring windOr is it a breeze? For the spring has sprungCaressing the dancing leavesTeasing the twittering parrotsChasing the fireflies. The spring has sprungIlluminating the morningsWarming the daysAnd carrying the whiff of the jasminesInto the shimmering night!

Spring is here!

The frigid wind is resting After a tiring winter But I’m afraid to bloom Fearing the return of the snow. I yearn to bloom Because spring is near The pollens are poking now and then Assuring me that it is time to bloom. The spring air caresses my petals Pecking me to open to, The…

Book review – The Wheel of Time book 8 – The Path of Daggers

“You trouble me so, Rand-al Thor. Light, sometimes I think that the Creator made you to trouble me.” And Rand-al Thor continues to trouble me! Our Dragon Reborn is getting annoyingly arrogant of his “dragon” and undefeated status and it looks like the power or the saidin is getting to him. Thank Robert Jordan for…