Medieval rustic

Is soaking in the rustic charm of medieval architecture a thing?

Pagoda Diaries

Unless you can decipher the languageEven lofty alphabets are difficult to understand.

Trekking relief

The levelled roads appear so welcoming after a steep descent.

Monday 😑

The Voldemort of all the days – Mondays!How do you make your Mondays bearable? I have a very hectic schedule in the beginning of the week so Mondays always turn out to be tiring for me.

Paris memories

Do you often feel nostalgic about those full mirror selfies taken at hotel 🏨 rooms?I took this picture before departing from Paris in 2019. I had a roller coaster🎢 experience in Paris and was relieved to be getting back to Germany. Although another roller coaster awaited me in the cab trip to the Flix bus…

Change is the only constant

The same sunlight that burns and agitates during summers provides respite during the bone chilling winters.Seasons change, perspectives change and people change too!

Narnia thoughts

Every time I look into my wardrobe full of fancy clothes, I really wish it to elongate with more coats & dresses and what not.Oh no, I’m not lusting after more apparels, I’m simply wishing to magically transport into the world of Narnia through that wardrobe. I’m not sure whether I’ll find Mr. Tumnus or…