Book review – The Wheel of Time book 7 – A Crown of Swords

My, oh my, Robert Jordan delivers again on the 7th book of the Wheel of Time series. I was expecting fireworks, in your face humour and twisted politics. What I did not expect were a host of feel good moments, over shadowed characters coming into their own, introduction of a no-nonsense Mc Gonagall like character…

Winter realisation

Till 2018, I had associated winters with a runny nose, a dry coughing throat and air that was too cold to get out. But in December 2018, I visited Dhanaulti and could finally understand why many people are so fond of the crisp winter air. You see, I misunderstood the dreaded winter air with the…

Winter monochrome

The blacks shimmer their velvety eleganceIn the winters,While the whites and the creams wonder,Why the skies and snow mimic us,Unaware that they are imitating the winter monochrome!

Perils of cold

The cold chases meStalks like an obsessive loverCatching me off-guardWhile I try to relaxIn the holiday season It shrouds mewhen I’m least awareBites my bonesChilling my insides & outsidesMaking my skin crawlSending the shivers down my spineTill I weaponise myself with blanketsAnd a hot tea. Picture taken in 2018, please travel responsibly and safely.

Winter devils

The winter Gods have unleashed their snow demons,The demons play with ice and winds,Unaware of the bone-chilling amongst the fragile humans,And laughing at the monochrome around!

Narmada diaries

Narmada river is accorded the same status in Madhya Pradesh as The Ganges is accorded in the northern states. “Maa Narmada” is the preferred goddess for the people here.This picture was taken at the Maheshwar Narmada ghat on the last day of Shraadh in 2019. I really wish the ghat was cleaner. Please travel responsibly…

Pigeon onslaught

These pigeons and crows will always photobomb me, wherever I go.Have you ever faced photo bombing onslaught from pigeons? The caption is written on a lighter note. Picture taken in 2019, please travel responsibly and safely.

Book review – The Wheel of Time books 1,2, 3 and 4

Book review alert 🚨- The first four books of The Wheel of Time Series. If you persist enough to read the second book titled “The Great Hunt” and love it, then there is no turning back for you. From the second book onwards, the complex plot gradually unfolds, the characters get through massive changes and…

Abandoned tree

And what a life this ageless tree hasWaiting for the snow to freeze it’s exteriorAwaiting the blazing sun to nourish it’s swaying leavesWaiting for the trekkers for solitary picturesAnd ultimately waiting for death for decades. Picture taken in 2018, please travel responsibly and safely.