Breakfast diaries – quinoa

So we were cooking #quinoa in #garliccherrytomatosauce in our previous reel. It is healthy, has a subtle taste and is easy on your belly.

Breakfast Diaries

Finally perfecting the #pestosauce recipe! Presenting #farfalle in #pesto

Breakfast diaries

Whenever I am in need of a quick but flavourful breakfast, I chase the basic ingredients from my kitchen. The ensemble of chopped onions and tomatoes on buttered slices of breads and topped with some salt & black pepper or Italian seasoning is pretty healthy and fulfilling. The slices slathered generously with peanut butter and…

Noodles in Black Pepper Sauce Recipe

We have thoroughly enjoyed our meats and sometimes our vegetables in the oozing hot black pepper sauce. That invisible hot air guzzling from your ears and nose clearly depicts the beauty of black pepper sauce. Ever thought of having noodles in them?Statutory warning: You need plenty of time, patience and a certain level of tolerance…