Perils of cold

The cold chases meStalks like an obsessive loverCatching me off-guardWhile I try to relaxIn the holiday season It shrouds mewhen I’m least awareBites my bonesChilling my insides & outsidesMaking my skin crawlSending the shivers down my spineTill I weaponise myself with blanketsAnd a hot tea. Picture taken in 2018, please travel responsibly and safely.

Pagoda Diaries

Unless you can decipher the languageEven lofty alphabets are difficult to understand.

Potter mania

How fearlessly I’m standing near this statue of vibrant and vividly coloured lion! Now imagine if someone were to “transfigure” this statue into a live one!I just cannot get out of Potter world you see.

Fantasy fiction – Potter mania

I wish we could all conjure a Patronus charm to counter severe anxiety and mental exhaustion that we are going through.Or we could Avada Kedavra all the covid variants!

Travel haiku – Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

Laughing hystericallyOn my lame punsWhile teasing meAbout my eccentricitiesYou made me smile Quietly watching youPlaying with the parrotsSwirling your stoleAround the bougainvilleasMy heart smiled. Caption taken from my poem “Your Smile -II”