Travel musings – Uttarakhand, India

Our souls are fashionedOut of the same stardustAnd the same emptinessResides in our hearts So will you fill my desolationWith your kindnessAnd allow me to fill yoursWith my happiness.

Travel musings – Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India

Flaring with lifeYou made me smileYour ceaseless passionMade me beamIn success and in failureWe twinkled And now, while I lie motionlessSpeechlessly glimpsing youIn my last momentsYou continue to make me smile Caption taken from my poem “Your Smile -II”

Travel musings – Uttarakhand, India

The destination always matters.But the journey is equally important. Specially when you marvel at such hidden spots.Spotted at the trek towards the origins of Kempty Falls, Mussoorie.

Travel musings – Kareri Lake trek

Mountain life is arduous, specifically during the snowing season. The water is frozen, so even for basic use, the snow has to be melted. And forget about bathing in snow treks. This was taken after coming down from Kareri lake and as on this day, I was bath free for two whole days while my…

Travel musings – Kareri Lake Trek

Years and years of my apathyAnd ages of your forebodingObliterating the pastWith a hopeful futureIn my own bedlam of emmotionsYou found me.