Pandemic life musings I

Maybe at this time, we can seek the brightness within.Who knows the outer vibrancy might come to us soon!

Travel haiku – Lal Tibba, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

You and IWe have seen enough sun rises aloneWelcoming the days with ourSolitariness So will you see the sun sets with me?When the orange ballTurns a glorious redAnd fades away a lovely day. Caption taken from my poem – Will you?

Travel Haiku – Jodhpur

So he will come to youWhen you are laughing raucouslyLeast aware of his lingering looksAnd eyes that refuse to leave your presence. Caption taken from one of my poems.

Travel Haiku – Uttarakhand

Bitten by the same travel bug And the shared passions for raucous dancing We merrily sang to our favourite tunes Little did we know, we were falling too soon. Caption taken from my poem, “Time and distance”