Sandstone shadows

Basking in sunlight but yearning to hide in shadows.

Nerd thoughts

For those of us always in the mood to pick up a fight, are we blessed by Ares, the God of War? Or is he stalking us?Just Percy Jackson nerdy thoughts!

More night thoughts

While my olfactory sensesRevel in the clean airRedolent with the fragranceOf jasmineLeaving an unpleasant presentWishing for a joyful tomorrowI finally relaxIn the miracle of the night. Caption taken from my poem “The Night Fairy”

The biggest gratitude

thegratitudeproject – I am grateful for waking up early today and getting the time for meditation and planning the day ahead.

Hope musings

First plant the garden in your mind. And then see it growing outside.

Toxic positivity

Why toxic positivity is dangerous?While law of attraction & positivity affirmations work very well in a normal situation, what can be said about a super volcanic pressure cooker circumstance such as this pandemic? Stress is a normal response of our adrenaline glands/nervous system to any challenge – adrenaline & cortisol released help us in thinking…