Travel musings – Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

This is real picture and not a painting 🖼!The weather Gods were generous when we visited Mandu a year back. We were able to enjoy a pleasant weather and snap pictures in the glory of daylight.

Happy Independence Day!

Independence from judgementFreedom from the trappings of your own mind and othersFreedom to express yourself and let others also do the sameIndependence from dogma and extreme thinkingHappy Independence 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 Day to all of you!

Travel musings – Maheshwar

When you are not in the mood to visit huge magnificent forts, why not explore the simple and serene Ahilyabai Holkar fort at Maheshwar? The river view of Narmada from the open arched windows of the fort complex is an experience in itself!