Pandemic musings

For the people who have not travelled since this mayhem began, have you forgotten how to pose? 😉

Dreamy clouds

And the clouds brought happiness to the mountains!Throwback to these dreamy clouds at Lal Tibba in 2018.

Tasting rose

Rose as a food item?While the use of the fragrant rose petals is widespread in a few recipes, the trend is surely catching up in a variety of recipes. Have you ever added those delicate rose petals to your kheer or lassi? Let us know in the comments!

Pagoda Diaries

Unless you can decipher the languageEven lofty alphabets are difficult to understand.

Trekking relief

The levelled roads appear so welcoming after a steep descent.

Change is the only constant

The same sunlight that burns and agitates during summers provides respite during the bone chilling winters.Seasons change, perspectives change and people change too!