Gratitude for erstwhile travel

I’m thankful for those evenings which allowed me to appreciate the beauty of nature. What are you grateful for today?

Mountain blossoms

I will look at the daisiesAs a new born soul doesEnchanted and enamouredWith their beauty

Travel Haiku – Uttarakhand

Bitten by the same travel bug And the shared passions for raucous dancing We merrily sang to our favourite tunes Little did we know, we were falling too soon. Caption taken from my poem, “Time and distance”

Travel musings – Meghalaya

Tripping on your coffeeOn our first dateI hid my smirkBehind a nervous gaitAnd yet you smiled. Caption taken from my poem “Your Smile – I”

Travel musings – Meghalaya

Was lost in someone else’s world Wading through those dreary doldrums Yet you always held my hand Your heart never forgot my essence. Caption taken from my poem “11 years of love ordeal”

Travel musings – Laitlum Canyon

You, with all your flawsSomehow hold your swayOver this silly little girl inside me.How did I start lovingTo laugh at your antics?