This precious life

This life is too precious to be left into the throngs of destiny or played with or even risked for moments of socialization. If you can save even one life with your precautions, then it is all worth it!

Over working during pandemic

Engrossed in a movieAnd binging on junk foodTaking the worried mindAnd a racing heart to sleepI never knew the miracles of the night.

Pandemic life musings I

Maybe at this time, we can seek the brightness within.Who knows the outer vibrancy might come to us soon!

Hope for future

We will bask in such views again,But first we have to wade throughThese murky waters of pandemicLearn from the previous wavesAnd take all safety precautions.

Toxic positivity

Why toxic positivity is dangerous?While law of attraction & positivity affirmations work very well in a normal situation, what can be said about a super volcanic pressure cooker circumstance such as this pandemic? Stress is a normal response of our adrenaline glands/nervous system to any challenge – adrenaline & cortisol released help us in thinking…

Menstruation and vaccines

There is no relation between reduced immunity 🤧 and 🩸🩸🩸 periods. Period.If it really was, then we’ll get be getting all sorts of viral & bacterial infections during menses and the ensuing immune system reactions such as fever, cough etc. If you cannot scientifically explain reduced immunity during periods, then don’t spread misinformation about not…

Using your influence

How can we as citizens help in the current situation?🔹By only going out of our homes for essential activities and masking, social distancing and washing our face & hands after coming back.🔹If you have recovered from covid (28 days at least), please donate your plasma. You can save lives.🔹If you are active on social media,…

Travel/Life musings

Old picture from 2018In the erstwhile years, the empty country roads always invited me to sit & get clicked on them. Looks like I’ll have to sit on the floors of my home and surround myself with paintings of conifers to relish that feeling!

Life musings – Covid special

Old picture from 2019I wonder what to write today, I am at a loss for words. I’m not sure whether it is the writer’s block or the mental block resulting from the helpless situation we are surrounded by. It is getting challenging to even meditate or to shoot recipes or to simply keep calm. I…