More night thoughts

While my olfactory sensesRevel in the clean airRedolent with the fragranceOf jasmineLeaving an unpleasant presentWishing for a joyful tomorrowI finally relaxIn the miracle of the night. Caption taken from my poem “The Night Fairy”

Night thoughts

At a snail’s paceI let go; discoveringPeace in mundaneAnd joy in nothingnessWith a flowing maneIn the gentle breezeOf this miraculous night. Caption taken from my poem “The Night Fairy”

Miracles of the night

Chaotic dreamsIn an overthinking psycheRacing imagesOn a burdened heartAlways difficult to fathomThe surprises the night brings. Caption taken from my poem “The Night Fury”

Mountain blossoms

I will look at the daisiesAs a new born soul doesEnchanted and enamouredWith their beauty

Over working during pandemic

Engrossed in a movieAnd binging on junk foodTaking the worried mindAnd a racing heart to sleepI never knew the miracles of the night.

Travel haiku – Nag Tibba trek, Uttarakhand, India

Your cheerful pinksAnd playful winksSoothe my jaded soulPacifying this broken heart So come here, come near meAnd bring with yourself those colours you flaunt. Taken from my poem “Colours of life” on

Travel haiku – Meghalaya, India

The mad twittering of magpiesWith their monochrome bosomsOh what a spectacle!To behold for many births So forget notAbout this miracle called life.