Travel Haiku – Uttarakhand

Bitten by the same travel bug And the shared passions for raucous dancing We merrily sang to our favourite tunes Little did we know, we were falling too soon. Caption taken from my poem, “Time and distance”

Travel Haiku – Sahastradhara

My cloister equals yoursMy mind is in you heartAnd your heart in my mind So will you be the oceanTo my rivers and waterfallsGently absorbing meInto another universeAnd allowing me to consume youInto my world.

Travel diaries – Cloud’s End, Mussoorie

A short hike to Cloud’s End refreshes you and prepares you for the 8km trek towards the origin of Kempty Falls. You can also spot many snow covered peaks, even in the month of October.

Travel musings – Mussoorie

My heart goes out to the ruins of Cloud’s End, where the house of George Everest is situated.Even if the historical buildings are in a dilapidated situation, we should leave them as it is instead of scrawling hearts and professing our undying love for our current flame.This picture would have been so much better if…

Travel musings – Uttarakhand

These withered trailsAnd the shrivelled 🍂 leavesMust be blossoming in the rainsBut how would I knowBecause the mountains are far awayFar far away