Spaghetti Kitchen

IMG_20151102_133239This was my second visit to Spaghetti Kitchen after a gap of 1.5 years. I had the lunch buffet in my earlier visit which was not so great. But I’ll give the review and rating on the basis of my recent experience.

Well, you go there expecting Italian cuisine and experience and you are definitely not disappointed. We were immediately seated and the servers came to us to ask whether we’ll be having a La carte or the buffet option. We preferred a la carte. We were served water and the complementary breads. The bread basket had three types of breads and I found two of them pretty good. The first one was soft and fluffy and it was good to eat with butter. The second one was a bit thick and crispy with a brown crust and topped with herbs. It was new for me though.
We ordered Sicilian garlic chicken and home made Lasagna. The Sicilian chicken came in no time and it was a treat to eat it. There was a prominent flavour of garlic and pepper with bell peppers and onions adding their own charm. The chicken pieces were small and juicier to eat. I wish they were sauteed for more time as some of them were a bit chewy which actually made you think that they were raw. The homemade Lasagna was even better with chopped baby carrots, french beans, zucchinis and bell peppers sandwiched between Lasagna sheets. The mozzarella and the parmesan cheese made it creamier and thick and the red sauce topping gave it a subtle tangy flavour due to the obvious presence of tomatoes. Loved this dish! Highly recommended.
Their service is very fast. The servers are very courteous. You’ll fall in love with their ambience. The Italian chinaware adorns the walls here and the wooden decor lend this place an earthy touch.
I raised the issue of service charge here also and after a few polite exchanges, the manager agreed to slash it. Not too much drama.
I would love to come here again and try their other Italian dishes.IMG_20151102_131759

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