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Nando’s, DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj, Delhi

Hummus Pita strips & peri peri drizzle: For the vegetarians who can not enjoy the goodness of peri peri chicken, the humble hummus drizzled with peri peri dip comes to the rescue. The hummus has a lovely grainy texture and the pita breads are warm & airy.

Spicy Tangy chicken wings: It is difficult for me to get over the palate satisfactory tangy flavour of these juicy chicken wings! Full marks to the grilling technique and the marination.

Chicken with bones: That is one hell of a main course! The tangy & spicy crusty exterior and the mellow interiors of this chicken will leave you in splits. Couple that with the potato wedges which are crispy from outside and mushy hot from inside – phew!

Espetada Carnival: This has come to be my favourite item on the menu of Nando’s. The chicken squares stuffed with warm feta cheese and sloshed in the hot peri peri sauce are volcanoes in their own right. If you are visiting Nando’s and you are not having them, then you are seriously missing some serious food coma.

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Coffee and chai Co., South Point Mall, Gurgaon

South Point Mall is well known for artsy cafes serving a personalised experience. And when one of their cafes has been popular for around 8 years, I could not keep my palate away from it.

Coffee and chai co. is a cozy cafe situated on the ground floor of the South Point Mall, Golf Course road. The rock anthems of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s will greet you as you enter to the soothing wafts of freshly baked breads and artisanal pizzas and pastas.

The idea of Anjali, the owner of the cafe, was to open a place that serves Italian as well as Indian coffee/tea snacks to the office going millennials. We do crave a heart warming bite of fritters/pakodas with our chai, why not have them served to us in a healthy manner?

Chilli cheese toast: My first tryst with chilli toast did go well. The finely chopped green chillies embedded in the thick & chewy layer of mozzarella cheese served on a toasted bread was a lovely accompaniment to the Kashmiri Kahwa. The green chillies are very finely chopped so that they do not wreak havoc on your palate.

Herbed chicken breast: Food gasm at its best! The chicken was grilled to a chewy goodness and drenched in a creamy mushroom & black pepper sauce. My my! The mashed potatoes had a smooth consistency and the grilled vegetables were not over cooked.

Basil pesto pasta: While tasting this, you can actually taste the basil leaves i.e. this pesto sauce was freshly prepared. The pasta sauce was well balanced – not too creamy or too runny.

Date & walnut cake: For us lactose intolerants, this dessert is a heaven sent! The cake is light and airy and has moderate sweetness of the dates. The occasional bite of walnuts provides the necessary contrast to this luscious dessert.

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Verandah Handcrafted, Malviya Nagar, Delhi

Another delivery outlet delivering the best of Mughlai cuisine, in paper based packaging. Though I really wish the containers avoided plastic all together.

Assorted non veg platter: The fish tikka was the best! The fish was drenched in spices and so mellow! The chicken tikka was equally good and smoked to perfection. The same can be said about chicken Malai tikka. The mutton seekh Kebab had a good texture but was slightly salty.

Chicken Matki: Ohhh my! How do I even begin describing this delicacy! The chicken was so tender that one nudge makes it fall of the bones. The boiled eggs add more depth to the preparation and the chopped onions loaded thick gravy is a delight to have. The dish went well with smoky tandoori rotis and chewy garlic naan.

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Bhalla King, Lajpat Nagar central market, Delhi

Are you tired of the usual bhalla papdi and chaat? Are you looking for the traditional taste with a twist? Then think no more and head to Bhalla King situated in Aggarwal sweets, Lajpat Nagar central market.

The owners Ankita and Kartik are very warm and cheerful hosts and are doing their bit to reduce non biodegradable waste. You’ll notice wooden and paper cutlery at their store and in their delivery orders.

Palak Patta Chaat: The spinach leaves are densely coated with besan/chickpea flour and fried to crispy perfection. The blend of sweet sonth or red sauce, fresh cold yogurt and green mint chutney tastes good although their quantity can be reduced so that the flavour of spinach leaves comes out better. The use of banana in their red sweet chutney adds more density to the chaat.

Chaat platter: That was a huge platter! The humongous and crispy rajkachori had soft & spongy Bhalla, boiled chickpea, sev-moth and the lovely blend of yogurt, red and green chutney. The sev puri was hassle free with crispy & fine sev sprinkled over boiled and finely chopped spicy potatoes. But the best of the lot was the masala golgappa. The golgappase were of good quality – thin, crispy and airy and the green mint infused water was spicy but not too overwhelming.

Paav Bhaajhi: The paavs are well buttered and soft and the bhaajhi has a very different flavour – slightly tangy at times.

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