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Unplugged Courtyard

Unplugged Courtyard recently launched their Monsoon menu and things couldn’t get any better!! The restaurant is a perfect place to dine out and has an impressive ambience.
Here are the dishes that I tried-
Chennai Express Cutlet – This one is made with rice and has a south indian flavour to it. Crunchy to the core.


Multi grain coated deep fried chicken fillet- As the whole world is getting obsessed with multigrains so why not coat chicken in it? An ingenious idea which is executed perfectly. It is crunchy as well as tangy.


Mexican Spring Roll – For all the people who can’t get enough of Spring Rolls, this one is divine. The sweet chilli sauce with which it is served takes it on a whole new level. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Banana Chicken – This one is grilled to perfection and is oh so juicy and tender at the same time. The flavours are bang on. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Kurkure Seekh kebab – The deep fried crunchy outer covering which encloses a soft chewy kebab is a different take on the traditional seekh kebab. It is spicy as well which makes it a winner for me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


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#nofilter, SDA

A perfect place to relax and unwind after a long hectic day. The ambience is simple with soft yellow lights that makes you feel comfortable.

Here are the dishes that I tried-

Parle-G Shake – This is the first time I heard of this shake. Reminisce about your childhood by indulging in this beauty. It seems moderately sweet when you take the first sip but later on it seems alot sweeter. RECOMMENDED.


Beetroot Seekh Kebab – Beetroot is one veggie that has crawled it’s way into the menus of some major restaurants. This kekab was soft and tender and a little bit spicy. You will not be satisfied with just one. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


#nofilter Tenders – It tikles your taste buds in all the right ways. A crispy exterior with soft filling of cottage cheese inside is a must try. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Chicken Chatkara Pizza – Oodles of cheese and chicken tikka on a pizza, need we ask for more? Chicken tikka was well marinated and juicy as well. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

IMG_20170811_165124Butter Chicken Pasta – Something to rejoice for all the butter chicken lovers, this pasta is served with garlic naan instead of garlic bread. A perfect fusion of Italian with Indian, this pasta is creamy and lusciouss.


#nofilter Fusion Burger – A monstrous patty which is made of minced chicken and lamb. It is tender but it is quite heavy as well. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.



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Ardor 2.1, Connaught Place, New Delhi

With the health fad catching up with us, can the restaurants be far behind? And a special festival to showcase new dishes created in a healthy way with organic cocktails and mocktails is surely the icing on the cake.

The Flaming Pizza and Kebab festival took place from the 1st to the 15th of August at Ardor 2.1, situated in the outer circle of N block in C.P. Regal, colonial interiors, British architecture and impeccable service welcomes you as you take a look at this place. Talking about food, here is the vegetarian menu for the festival:

Paneer mirchi ki seekh: These melt in the mouth beauties fashioned out of a fine mixture of yoghurt and minced cottage cheese and tempered on skewers is a must try new appetizer for the vegetarians. Though I wish the quantity of the green chillies could have been greater to balance the sweetness. RECOMMENDED.


Achaari Kumbh: Another heavenly dish for the mushroom lovers. Two huge juicy and smoked mushrooms slathered with pickle like spice mixture sandwiching a lovely filling of minced paneer and mushrooms with onions, garlic, sesame seeds and spices – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Paneer tikka Ajwaini: When we recommend Paneer Tikka from a place, you have to trust our judgement. Because an ordinary paneer tikka fails to pleases us. This one was however spot on – slightly smoky and crusty exterior and soft from inside with the flavour of ajwain or carrom seeds or ajwain bursting out.


Punjabi Soya Chaap: Excellently done with chewy exterior and mellow insides. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Grilled Veggie Inslata Pizza Flambe with Old Monk: Ahhh, so this is the flaming pizza on which the ongoing festival is named. Firstly, the pizza is overloaded with fresh vegetables which maintain their essence – juicy yellow and green zucchini, chewy broccoli, crunchy baby corn and green bell pepper on a bed of warm mozzarella. Secondly, the top portion is flamed with old monk which in a way smoulders the vegetables and the cheese. The resultant has a slightly bitter taste of old monk but nonetheless appetizing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


But if you are not used to the bitterness of the alcohol, then you might not like it. If higher grades of smooth rum or whiskey are used, then a balance can be achieved.

Organic watermelon LIIT: Our same old lethal LIIT concocted with fresh pulpy watermelon juice and served in a watermelon with a side tap – stuff of a fantasy land but a reality now! No added flavours or enhancers, just pure natural fruit juice mixed with rum, gin, tequila, vodka and whiskey. RECOMMENDED.


Ardor 2.1 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Final Goodbye

I finally muster the courage

To jot down these lines for you

After all these years

I collect the entrapped feelings

one by one, piece by piece,

for words always fell short

for what I felt for you


They say we are perfect for each other

Used to think on the same lines

Eons ago, in the ancient times

Now I feel, we were imperfect

destined to cross to learn life’s lessons


The bygone memories

Flood my insides

Burning my flesh

Yet I stay stone cold

The way you always wanted me to be..


That boyish scratching of your head

And that kid like laughter of yours

That soul piercing gaze

Through your lean spectacles

And your failed attempts at dancing

Still bring a smile to my face

Though no more charming me

I had forgotten all that….


Always questioned my sanity

whence it came to loving kittens

Until I met you

For you adore them in equal measure


I climb the mountains alone

Unknowingly reminiscing your teachings

I lose myself in their beauty

The way you relished them


With time I have learnt to let go

Becoming ruthless once again


I often find you in the people I meet

Your essence appears in the men I fancy

Somehow, your presence always creeps back here

in the very crevices of my heart…


Their sporadic antics remind me of you

Summoning the butterflies back again

Onerous it is for me to not fall again…


But none could match you

None of them could reach deeper

They fail to understand me

The way you did

So I leave them and move on


With time the realization dawns

You complimented me

And they do not

So I leave them again

And write this to move on


You made this so effortless

Why can not they be like you?

Am I so hard to love?

For you were the only one to tear these walls

That I have built around myself


Took me years to get over you

And now

Just a few hours

Over “them”


Indifference is the word they use for me

They know not your absence taught me

To withhold my sentiments

To become stone cold


My icy interiors have forgotten love

Have forgotten care

So I love myself enough

To not need anyone else’s…..


You hold the promise of not revealing me

To no living soul ever

I am still a secret of your dark past

hidden from your current flame…


I have kept my part of the secrecy

But now I am failing

I have kept myself sane

Even after dollops of alcohol

But the gripping nostalgia

Is compelling these lines out of me


Each drop of Jack Daniels

Screams of your memories

And that day you pestered me

To savour the magic liquid

Yet I draw all strength

To not well up


Naysayers wonder that I jinxed

by writing about my fancies

So I kept these lines piled up

Because optimism never abandoned my side


“You are the flower of my life”,

This flower had forgotten to bloom

Turning into a prisoner of her mind’s doom

Now she has started blossoming again

With no yearnings for you


My absence and silence moves everyone,

why could they never move you?

Maybe they are not as stoic as you were

And now, I have become you……….

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Delhi Rasoi, East of Kailash, New Delhi

Since I have been on a spate of exploring the delivery outlets of Delhi NCR, I have experienced the preparations of a handful of them and needless to say, there are few of them which leave an everlasting impression on me.
Delhi Rasoi is one such outlet which scored a 5 on 5 when it came to providing an enriching culinary experience while sitting in the comfort of your home. The order arrived well in time and here are the delicacies that I relished on:
Chicken Tikka: Such mellowness and tenderness coupled with the precise penetration of spices to the core and the crunchy smokiness adorning its exterior – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Paneer Lababdar: Even a hard core non vegetarian like me fell in love with this. A thick buttery gravy with the bursting flavours of cardamom and tomatoes – each morsel tastes like divinity. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani: So finally after a long time, had a food gasmic biryani – the enchanting waft of long grained Basmati rice and spices topped with caramelised onions with chicken pieces drenched in the herbs to the core. The chicken is so well prepared that the flesh falls off easily from the bones – optimum moistness. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Delhi Rasoi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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F’muse, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

Food to amuse or F’muse, located at the bustling Golf Course Road, Gurgaon is yet another entrant to the rising crew of delivery outlets in Gurgaon. The food is definitely amusing to your taste buds and here are a few items that I recently savoured:

Paneer tikka: Prominent tanginess of pickle like taste with exploding flavours and dollops of spices, this one is a must try. But slight saltiness and absence of smokiness on the paneer make it a tad incomplete. RECOMMENDED.


Garlic chicken: Good but dry.


Mataki chicken: I am short of words to describe this one. It is their speciality and after hogging on it, you will know why. Succulent chicken pieces drenched in a thick, oil soaked gravy of the finest juliennes of onions, garlic and chopped tomatoes with very unusual flavours – extraordinary is a very small word for this one. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Paneer Lababdar: A smooth gravy but slightly tangy and heavy on spices with well cooked paneer cubes. RECOMMENDED.

F'Muse - Food To Amuse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Unexpected love

Unknown you were to me

Never knew you would set me free

That first day just went by

When our souls were nigh.


But the minds were still ignorant

Untainted by cupid’s currents

But fate worked its own charms

Shattering the earlier norms.


Our paths crossed once again

And that was the last time I was sane

The tides of time have swiftly flown

And the crossed sails of our destiny continue to get blown.


Your striking resemblance to a confidant

And your patient hearing of my daily rants

How my diurnal stories mesmerized you?

And when did I start counting you one among the few?


But my foolishness led me astray

And you wished another maiden to be my bae

My infatuation with her stirred you

And your succor came in every hue.


But that cruel fortnight of your absence

Compelled my heart to long for your presence

The world seemed a morose place

And life appeared a confusing maze.


I kept these feelings bottled up

Afraid this heart was of the tireless drubs

But your selfless care opened it again

And your last confession eased my pain


Others desire the freedom you have bestowed upon me

That will ensure I will never flee

These hand of yours, I will always hold

And this is how our story has been foretold.