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Viet-Nom, DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

Lately, my fascination for South-East Asian cuisine has grown fourfold. The magic of dimsums, noodles, poke bowls and so on has worked its way into my heart and who am I resist when the lovely cuisine from Vietnam comes calling.

Pho Vegetables: Lovely rice noodles drenched in a hot, sweet and sour soup with the goodness of crunchy vegetables- carrots, broccoli, bok choy, mint and spinach leaves, the mellow tofu and chewy portobello & shiitake mushrooms. The bowl is served with hot and spicy Sriracha sauce, caramelised garlic & onions, and peanuts.


Pork & King Oyster Mushroom Spring Rolls: The very fine texture of the hot hot mince of pork and mushrooms is overwhelming. And with such a hot spicy mixture, it is difficult to roll into crispy spring rolls. Served with a melt in the mouth spicy peanut sauce, this ensemble is one item not to miss.


White Rose Dimsums: These are tender crystal dimsums enclosing a very delicate mixture of tapioca and mung beans which actually melts in your mouth. The sauce is sweet and spicy although the spicier part is pronounced because of finely chopped red chillies.


Viet-Nom special pizza: Slightly disappointing because the rice paper had a burnt texture and excessive use of basil leaves. But the succulent chicken chorizo and egg cheese combo saves the dish.


Avocado surprise: Surprising yet pleasant! The finely mashed avocado is drenched in coconut ice – cream and topped with maple syrup and coconut shavings. The resultant is a cool and creamy subtle dessert.

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Antidot Waterbar Cafe, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi

Red Wine Sangria: You know the Sangria is bomb when Jacob’s Creek is used in preparing it. The right balance of sweetness, bitterness and dryness Рlo and behold, you have the perfect red wine Sangria.

Roasted garlic chicken dimsums: Sometimes, we do crave our dim sum filling to be flavourful and the chefs at Antidot have taken care of this aspect. The lovely smoky taste of roasted garlic in the finely pulverised chicken mince gives a different experience. Not to forget the crystal skin.


Grilled chicken breast in red wine sauce: Juicy slices of chicken in a bitter sweet red wine reduction and loaded with crushed black pepper Рahhh the explosion on your palate!  To top it all, the vegetables are grilled in finely chopped juicy garlic, this taking away the blandness of the ensemble.


Smoked cheese asparagus tartlets: Freshly baked tarts, light and airy, and loaded with warm cheese & delicately chopped asparagus – who said vegetarian starters are gone? And that sun dried tomato bits on top of these tartlets – delish to say the least!


Bailey Berry (Bailey & Berry scented cheesecake): The cheesecake is mellow as it should be with fragrant hints of berries and bitter aroma of Bailey.


Let the clouds roll by: A sweet symphony of Tennessee and Irish Bourbon and infused with vermouth and apple smoke, this cocktail will leave you with a profound nostalgia once you are finished with it. The sweet flavour of Bourbon is pronounced to a great extent here.


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