Sunset beauty

Unspoken calm beauty in sunsets. Spotted at the sun set point, Lal Tibba. Picture taken in 2018, please travel responsibly and safely.

Staples during travel

Whenever we travelled in India in the pre-covid times, we always searched for roti-dal-chawal-sabzi options cooked in the local way as much as we could. Here is one instance of our stay in Kavratti, Lakshwadweep where our lunch had the staple plus a piece of chicken cooked in South Indian style and of course tuna…

Parisian streets

A very out of place vibrant yellow bicycle.The buildings in Paris mentally transport you to the time before 1900s when even the art around windows and balconies was well crafted. Picture taken in 2019, please travel responsibly and safely.

Love in unlikely places

Playing hide and seek with love.And with miracles. Picture taken in 2019, please travel safely and responsibly.

Travel haunts me

I have forgotten how travel 🧳 used to be – so much that I have an automatic retro/black and white filter for my travel photos. As if those travel adventures happened decades ago! Picture taken in 2017, please care to travel responsibly and safely!

Mountain kitties

Even the mountain feline sits in aweOf the towering HimalayasOr was it a common raven?Alas I will never knowFor I was vigorously zoomingTo capture this precious moment!

Ocean waves

I miss the sound of the ocean waves,Those turbulent waves of the Arabian Sea,They didn’t let me sleep in the night,And now they haunt me of my erstwhile travel journeys. Picture taken in 2018, please travel responsibly and safely.

Friyay thoughts

Dear Friday Goddess, Please bless us with relaxation and joi-de-vivre this weekend! Many of us are still wary of going back to their Friyay parties 🎉 and weekend trips. The content on OTT platforms, virtual parties and alcohol bottles/mocktails do help but many of us do miss dressing up and swaying to groovy nightclub music….